Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Keira Knightley, criticized by the director of Begin Again – Le Figaro

Director John Carney does not mince words when it comes the British actress, yet twice nominated for Oscars. After having led in 2014, it is determined not to repeat the experience. Two filmmakers who also know it rose up against such criticism.

A priori, the next collaboration between John Carney and Keira Knightley is not for tomorrow. The director did not appreciate working with the Hollywood star on the set of Begin Again in 2014. He says quite bluntly in an interview with The Independent.

In this film centered on music, the actress was the director for the wrong note responsible for a share of bad hearings. She played Gretta, a passionate guitar and singing who starred with Mark Ruffalo. “The real problem was that Keira was not a singer or a guitarist, and it is very difficult to make realistic music without musicians,” John Carney analysis. “I did everything I could to make it work, but it was not credible in the role of a musician.”

“It is difficult to become an actor. Keira was not ready yet. “

In addition to this role, the director tackles the qualities of actress Keira Knightley. “The trick is to hide who she is and I do not think you can be an actor in doing so (…). I do not throw the stone. It’s hard to become an actor. This requires a certain level of honesty and self-criticism. I think Keira was not ready yet. “

For him, the young woman of 31 years is more of a star than an actress. “I hated that experience.” Unable to work in good conditions between the entourage of the actress who follows wherever the paparazzi. He holds it to say: “Never film with a top model”

About his latest film Sing Street , he does not hesitate to outbid. “C ‘was fantastic. I am very surprised. It is a small personal film without Keira Knightley. The result is really satisfying. “

Outraged by these criticisms they deem unjustified, two other directors who also worked with her have been quick to fly to his aid on social networks. After pointing in Let Me Go (2010), Mark Romanek found his experience with Keira Knightley “spectacular at all levels”, stating: “I do not see at all what hinted that guy. “

Lorene Scafaria acquiesced in stride. For her, “it was a pleasure working with Keira” Until the End of the World we (2012). She did not fault the work of this actress “has,” “docile” and “charming”.

With two Oscar nominations, the face of Channel is now even less vulnerable to virulent criticism of John Carney she is basking in the recent success Therese Raquin , the adaptation of Zola’s novel.


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