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“Nothing Licence ‘, in the driving school of life – The World

Documentary on Public Sénat at 9 am 10

Translation in the documentary, a warning  sign to Iran.

Negar Zoka filming Iranian society torn every day between compliance and taking liberties (Sunday, May 29 at 9 am 10 on public Sénat).

Living in Iran is an ongoing juggling between prohibited and permitted, as the red lines are multiple and changing. In a country where religious injunctions and intimations of good social behavior are ubiquitous on the walls of cities, contempt of the law seems to outweigh respect. Much of Iranians believe that those who write or enforce laws take little to protect the rights of the people. Therefore, according to the futile conversations in public transport, off-the-law, scammers out there that nothing happens are considered as “real hustlers.”

Bringing order in the traffic of a metropolis like Tehran is similar, according to a Persian proverb, “finding a needle in a reserve straw “

This is perhaps why put order in the traffic of a metropolis like Tehran, with its 16 million inhabitants, is similar, according a Persian proverb, “finding a needle in a reserve straw” . The chaotic state of the streets of the capital as evidence of the failure of efforts to enforce the law and the code of the road.

The director Negar Zoka has had the brilliant idea to show what perpetual antagonism through a driving school in the capital. His documentary, not permit , is risky, but very successful, because the events that happen in this driving school say a lot about Iranian society, worries of his youth and regrets older who made the revolution in 1979 and participated in the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988).

in this context, economic differences and social and religious backgrounds, affinities or not with the ideology of the Islamic Republic of Iran fade. All genres are mixed. The girls carefully made up and not very veiled – in Iran, women must cover the entire body except the face and hands – for colored hair and painted nails, laughing and talking with more traditional women or conservative wearing a black chador. Ditto for the men from province and modest appearance that exchange with a boy in the eccentric haircut.

Above laws

In short, this driving school is the image of Iranian society, where people coexist almost without friction. Now this does not mean that all feel obliged to respect the law in the same way: some consider that the rules can be circumvented or ignored. This is the case of a young man with the beard “future of young under the plan,” as the voiceover tells us, who can always “forward” Iran, “with or without license” . This acknowledges long driving without a license, inventing many arguments never admit that while committing a crime. His confidence unfounded, his ability to claim things without merit, feeling to think above the laws give to understand the words in the film by another young, saying it is now “difficult advance “in a ” perimeter narrower “. And that is why a passer-old qualifies young Iranians “generation burned” was “betrayed” .

Despite these heavy and dark words the film offers many carefree moments and funny human relations. Just like this sentence at the end of the film “Life always takes precedence over the rules and ideals that we manufacture,” to which one can only agree


no license, Negar Zoka (Fr., 2016, 55 min). Sunday, May 29 at 9 am on 10 Public Sénat. Repeats: Monday, May 30 at 7 am, Saturday, June 4 at 23 h 20, Sunday, June 5 at 10 am Friday, June 10 and 20 to 17 h 30



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