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Cannes 2016: “Just the end of the world” is it the “best film” Xavier Dolan? – MetroNews

Thursday, 19h. Journalists rushing the doors of the Salle Debussy to discover Just the end of the world . Without being insane, the wait is still palpable. “I hope …” “I guess so that …”, “I’m sure that the actors will …” The sentences begin and, regardless of the language in which they are traveling earrings ears.

It is that, two years after the emotional groundswell had raised Mommy , Xavier Dolan had to confront this formidable general impatience to the extent of his talent. It is shunned or adulated, no one blamed him indeed, since the beginning of her romance with Cannes I Killed My Mother , having invented his own cinematic grammar.

2014 Mommy had put everyone agree

Yes … Xavier Dolan is an author, a real one, that tries to reinvent herself with each project without corrupting its cinematic principles: serving the story and characters (the direction of actors is one of his hobby horses). Before agreeing entire cinema world with Mommy , remember that his critics were wont to blame him for the effects of staging flashy or fussy.

No s’ formalize or reject, the Quebec digested remarks, adjusted his eyes and tried to dil the years, from scratch to the marrow of his art. Adapted from the homonymous play by Jean-Luc Lagarce, Just the end of the world could in any case be a key step in this journey. There also seems to be his most personal film, meeting between the arid sketch of a Tom Farm and Latin flamboyance of a Mommy . This is certainly one that the person believes to be the best.

Anti-Mommy power

“I do not prefer it for sentimental reasons,” he said this morning facing an audience of attentive journalists, after one of them reminded him home generally mixed criticism. Confusing is probably the adjective that has been most used to mean his family afternoon that goes awry. Certainly … Better a public somewhat destabilized (in his hopes) a rule in déglingage masterminded by those who had extolled.

Verdict? A stunned room (for better or worse), and walled Forbidden much as the hero of the story, Louis young gay playwright came to announce his death to his relatives. Until the movie takes time to settle in the minds, another reporter asked Dolan what makes it also satisfied with his work.

“We’re in Cannes. All films divide”

“Because it is the most complete. It are most shocking films, most moving but most imperfect, uneven … more (…) I know whom I have made, the mistakes I made. what is interesting is not to replicate ” , said the filmmaker, who thus considers an eternal student of the art that he married.

“it is in Cannes. All films divide,” he said when is evoked perplexity felt by some. “It happened in the past to Laurence Anyways, I Killed My Mother or Heartbeats . I’m not necessarily worried. There are very good criticisms were published. (…) Maybe it takes a little time for just the end of the world arises in life and that people do not just watch but the also hear. “

Without playing the professors of Louis Lumière, we can not say if Just the end of the world is technically the most successful feature film of Dolan. It is clear that its implementation is a dry and incredible lyricism and he managed to put an awesome look on -Cotillard actors Cassel, Seydoux … – never operated like this before

. Nevertheless, the weight of the device sometimes overrides the way, dialogues and silences, preventing the viewer access to the very substance of the original text. So here: to this day, despite all our love for I Killed My Mother , Mommy is our absolute top dolanien where the marriage of content and form borders on pure magic.

“I do not ask me how to stand out”

However, no question of doing totally fine mouth before Just the end of the world , a deceptive emotionally but no less fascinating in its form and its bias. Hopefully Dolan does not become schizophrenic, he does not read too tweets all day, and he remains the master of his ship and its decisions.

“I have always tried to better my ability to serve the script. I do not ask me how to stand out but just how the film might work for as the story progresses. My interest goes to the character and the actor. I come from a very popular cultural environment . I have a limited crop in terms of demanding cinema. the further I go the more I make films that I’d like to see in the cinema. ” Period.

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