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Game of Thrones, Season 6: Bran face his destiny (summary of episode 5) – The Express

Warning: this article contains many spoilers.

So far, we have seen revisit the history of his family. Or meet his father at different periods of his life. If since the beginning of the season, the scenes with Bran had the gift of fanning the curiosity, it was difficult to say what would happen to him. Although Crow has promised that he would learn to fly (on a dragon?) At the end of season 4, his plot was treading water.

The Door, DB Weiss and David Benioff (again perpetrators of this episode of Game of Thrones ) change speed.

A plot at full gallop

Three sequences are devoted this time to the penultimate son of the house Stark. The first to discover how were born Whites Walkers, created by the community of the Children of the Forest when their survival was threatened by the First Men. Since these creatures have escaped their parents, trying to survive.

If it is well built, this sequence is a bit frustrating: it would have been interesting to learn more about the Children of the Forest, the first inhabitants of Westeros. This time, the writers choose not to hang up, as the second sequence shows Bran face … Whites Walkers.

STORIES & gt; & gt; Game of Thrones, Season 6: All for Sansa (critical Episode 4)

Escaping monitoring Corneille, he comes face to their leader, King of Night. Touching his arm. Crow is clear: because of it, the Walker now know where he is. They’ll pick him up. Bran leak. It must also manage without the Corneille. Is he ready? No. No luck.

Neither one nor two, Walkers arrive … at the end of the episode. This is Game of Thrones. Able to dilute some intrigue at will and to compress other. Let’s be honest: it is nice to be in this situation than in that of Episode 3 Oathbreaker . Especially when it offers a particularly strong end of episode. Viewers discover the origin of the character Hodor but also what appears to be an end. And boy, it must be said: emotional side is formidable.

The Stark-attack against (soon)

Meanwhile, at Castle Black, Sansa is visited by Littlefinger. The latter discovers how the young woman is affirmed. Although he delivered to Ramsay Bolton, Littlefinger manages to keep the ear of the young woman. Especially when that announcement Brynden Tully, his uncle grabbed Riverrun. This could be a significant asset as Jon and his allies are planning to return to Winterfell Ramsay.

Small aside about Jon Snow: since his return to life, it is hardly alluded to the fact that he was killed and that, as said in Davos the episode 2, resurrection is against nature. It becomes a bit problematic.

STORIES & gt; & gt; Game of Thrones Season 6 and the next character will be killed …

If his death has no impact on the psychology of the character, his murder look like a firework indeed a bit easy to create a false tension. And there is concern that the use at the turn of events of this event which held in suspense fans a whole year now looks like a gadget used opportunistically.

Meanwhile, further south …

Vaes Daenerys left Dothrak urging Jorah Mormont to heal against the Scourge, the disease that is changing the stone man. Arya started it, a new stage of his training: it must take the life of a woman. It seems she reaches the end of his apprenticeship and that’s a good thing, as all this becomes long.

The good news? There are two: Ramsay is not there, so he stabs person. Same for the Great Sparrow, whose monologues are starting to turn around.

This is not the case of Greyjoy, present. Balon’s murderer, his brother Euron, out of the shadows to claim the throne of salt. His goal: directing Iron Born to contract an alliance with Daenerys. The people of the Iron Islands, love this idea, make their new king. What pushes Theon and Yara to take off, literally.

The three best scenes of the episode

3. Arya face to a play that revisits Season 1. The idea is quite unexpected and it turns alternately funny and cruel. As Arya was fun evocation of King Robert. Before losing the smile when the show plays in which Lady Stork (the future victim of Arya) is the father of that opportunistic doubled a fool.

2. Varys face Kinvara priestess. Authentic spin doctor Daenerys, Tyrion decides to enlist the help of a priestess of Volantis. Far from being an ersatz Melisandre, the young woman knows how to be convincing when it falls on a man who is suspected of being a fanatic. It returns Varys as a pancake.

1. The onslaught of whites Walkers. This sequence manages to not be a repetition of the final scene in Durlieu , episode 8 of Season 5 where Jon and Tormund face the creatures of the King of the Night and offers extra emotion with the ultimate journey into the past of Hodor. Former director of Lost Chucky 3 Jack Bender, who directed the episode, gets away with the honors.


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