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The post- “Basic Instinct” by Paul Verhoeven – the New Republic

Twenty-four years after “Basic Instinct”, Paul Verhoeven was back in Cannes to present “It”, the first French film.

Do you have the feeling of having made a French film?

” Yes, I think even if it’s hard for me to judge. But if I have the feeling of having made a French film, it also has an American touch that comes from screenwriter David Birke. It relies more on the plot in some French films. Initially, I had to turn to the USA in Chicago. But the scenario does not provide for revenge, the Americans did not understand. And, really, I do not regret having done in France. “

If you are told that your film is in the grip” chabrolienne “is a compliment for you?

“Of course. I have seen many films Chabrol. And I met for a program where he cooked! He said: “Paul, we need you back in Europe” . Unfortunately, I did not listen. Chabrol is also the New Wave that trained me. In Holland, we saw Godard, Truffaut, Chabrol’s, it impressed me and inspired me. “

Is actress Isabelle Huppert easy to navigate?

“No, but it was very good. She is very artistically precise. This does not prevent many improvise. She is extremely gifted and shuns clichés. It can be hard on clothes, replicas, but it is always in favor of the character. “

The time of the shooting, you lived in France. Do you think the country has changed since you’ve studied there?

“As you say, I lived one year when I was 17 years old. I know the culture, cinema, music and especially the composers of the early twentieth th as Debussy, Stravinsky, Poulenc, Satie … It’s a great country where I spent wonderful moments. I like people. And then, whether actors or technicians, all were highly motivated, they went to work with pleasure, even if there was sometimes a lot of passing hours. I could do other films in France. I have also spoken to Said bin Said, the producer of This . I would like to make one with Jean-Claude Carrière. “

To be in competition at Cannes scary?

“Fear? But why see? If you think my last experience, Basic Instinct , I was rather brought luck, as well as Sharon Stone. And then I met so many difficulties with some movies! Cannes does not prevent me from sleeping, I’m curious and I hope the film will appeal. The fact that he was chosen among many others, 1800 I think this is a victory and this is more important than competition. “

Is it true that Sharon Stone you had slapped him after watching” Basic Instinct “?

“This is completely false. She was very anxious about the famous scene and asked me to remove it. I refused. I told him: “You knew very well what was going to happen” The truth is on the screen.. Besides, I just read that Gerard Depardieu said that it was a hoax, breeches with hair. Well, with all due respect to him, it is totally false. Sharon, we met for several times. not to have been promised never to speak of Basic Instinct . She knows that her career is part of that. In 24 hours, she became a star at Cannes. It was a few meters from me, I saw it with my own eyes: the birth of a star. “

” Showgirls “was a terrible failure but in hardcover DVD. It has become a cult film, touted by Tarantino, Jarmusch and Rivette same. How do you explain that he was misunderstood in its release?

“I think there was too much nudity, nudity as it does had never before shown. And everyone is evil in this film, except maybe the character of Molly. It was too much. Moreover, it is a very cynical film, which shows the greed of Americans. Besides, in this film, sex is subordinate to money. “

Throughout your career what is the performer who impressed you the most?

“Isabelle Huppert. This is a level I had never met. Carice Van Houten was fine on Black book . What happened on Basic is nonsense, because Sharon was great. I have often had interesting experiences, pleasant, but Isabelle is very creative, unusual, I am very impressed. His improvisations gave me things I had not thought of and it was often better than what I imagined. “


” The shame is not a strong enough sense to keep us from committing anything. This is the character of Isabelle Huppert who said this sentence and it pretty much sums “She”.
The film opens with the yellow eyes of a Carthusian, the blond warmth of a parquet, a Mozart concerto. This image of a cozy just been shattered as the broken glass littering the floor. These sublime notes, Michèle (Isabelle Huppert) will hear the same again. She has been raped by a hooded man in his living room. Yet it will not complain for fear of being again the center of a police-journalistico storm. In 1976, his father, imprisoned since, had massacred their neighbors. She confides that her ex (Charles Berling), her best friend who co-directs the business of video games (Anne Consigny) and the husband of this (Christian Berkel), a clumsy macho (also lover Michele). Michele takes her life despite regular messages from an assailant who seems prowl. Moreover, its neighbor Patrick (Laurent Lafitte), married to Rebecca (Virginia Efira), warns: it would have surprised a man hiding in his garden

Women uncompromising that does not support the latest. pleasures of his mother (Judith Magre) with her gigolo (Raphael Lenglet) and never pushes the dirt under the rug, Michele will go through a desire to share, never mind the propriety and consequences.
Adapted from “Oh …” Philippe Djian, “It” explores the deep waters of souls prey to their impulses, plunges beneath the smooth surface plots destinies. As we already know, Paul Verhoeven is not to retreat filmmaker when to show alternative desires, granted perversions. One of the great joys of “She” is to witness the miracle that comes Huppert herself voluptuously and say without being vulgar phrases like “show me your tail” . this sexual thriller, PG-12, it is not devoid of humor as when the macho, just to make love with his mistress Michele, said, “You were great: how t ‘ you get the idea to the dead? “

” She “, Exit Wednesday, May 25


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