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Léa Seydoux: “The Cannes Film Festival has marked my life forever” – L’Express

A shadow of melancholy doubtless, that contradicts a frank smile. A porcelain profile and a bulldozer force. This is Léa Seydoux, who comes striding toward the café terrace, wet hair wrapped in a man’s coat and staggering natural.

The cinema could not let this bad boy to 30 metamorphoses. 30 is his age, the number of roles. Schoolgirl, hit-woman, reader of Marie Antoinette, Bond Girl painter with blue hair, woman-boy, girl-mother family … and even without a roof, because his genealogy is rooted in the 7th art.

OUR RECORD & gt; & gt; Cannes Film Festival 2016

His grandfather is Jérôme Seydoux (Pathé boss), his great-uncle, Nicolas Seydoux (Chairman of Gaumont) … Léa Seydoux yet grown on screens without model and without piston, inventing her life as an actress, celebrated by Hollywood as the Cannes Film Festival, where it presents Just the end of the world, by Xavier Dolan.

You received a Gold Award in 2013 for the role of Emma in The Life of Adele , Abdellatif Kechiche. What is for you the Cannes Film Festival?

An event that marked my life forever. Back with Just the end of the world, by Xavier Dolan, is therefore a great emotion. I fought to be in the film that turned to Canada because I played simultaneously 007 Spectre, Sam Mendes in London and I had to multiply the return trips to Montreal, sometimes twenty-four hours. I really wanted to work with Xavier, with other actors [Nathalie Baye, Marion Cotillard, Vincent Cassel, Gaspard Ulliel], and the screenplay, adapted from the play by Jean-Luc Lagarce, is one of the nicest I read.

I interpret Suzanne, the rebel of a family of three children affected by the return of the eldest son. The difference with my character Madeleine Swann James Bond was huge but I realize more and more that the game is merely physical. I passed Suzanne Madeleine and vice versa by wearing my costume, basing myself in the sets, by reconnecting with the teams. I do not have to condition myself intellectually. Anyway, play is to confront the constraints.

What do you remember Xavier Dolan?

It is endearing, bossy, demanding, funny, fine, charming. Xavier inspired me stimulated. His instinct is very strong: Xavier creates his time.

In 2006, you appeared for the first time on the screens. After a decade in which he has cinema answered your questions, your expectations?

My encounter with unexpected cinema gave me a life. And allowed me to fight against abandonment of myself – I know I could let myself go completely. I like simple psychological relations. Yet I Excessively sides. Neuroses. Social life forced to swallow his impulses, to follow rules, laws. In film, you can give vent to his madness, live a kind of trance, absence, it’s very nice. Then the door is closed. I also have simple tastes. For recreation, I did not necessarily need to go to the end of the world: I sit on a bench in a park, at the corner, and I look at the trees, the leaves tremble in the wind.

& quot; In film, you  can give vent to his folly , living a kind of  trance, absence, it's nice then you close the  door. & quot; says Lea Seydoux Here in 68th Cannes  Film Festival on May 15, 2015.

” In film, you can give vent to his madness, live a kind of trance, absence, it’s very nice. Then you close the door, “says Lea Seydoux. Here at the 68th Cannes Film Festival, May 15, 2015. Poujoulat

Yet your filming and promoting movies take you to the end of the world?

the airports have become my daily life. the boarding corridors, the Escalator, airplanes, hotels … this life is mine. a life a little lonely on the road, and I love it, I never know what to expect. I joined filming Just the end of the world with a knot in my stomach. it’s like a school year in a new school, and more fun.

the course a comedian is made of cycles of key moments. Which have been the most significant?

All steps are critical. Already my first feature film [ my girlfriends Sylvie Ayme]. La Belle Personne, Christophe Honoré, which allowed me to really get into the cinema. And, of course, the appointment with Rebecca Zlotowski [Dear Prudence; Grand Central], Benoît Jacquot [Farewell, My Queen; Diary of a Chambermaid] and Abdellatif Kechiche. I advance slowly. I do not connects films to make one more, it is necessary that the project takes my heart, that its scope is universal. I can not commit myself to half. I did not snobbery of auteur cinema; too sharp a film can get bored as a spectator and as an actress. The cinema is also a popular art.

Quit Easily heroines that you play?

They are in me, as the self we always talk through roles. The fact of going to a character is not innocent, it’s not a question of identification, but of ownership. These heroines like me, I defend because I put myself naked, I give myself without protection. Even if we do not film for protection. Of course, this is not me Léa Seydoux offering me on the screen, but my look, my interpretation, in one scenario, a set, a suit, a staging.

The image of women in a movie she determines your choice?

Yes. I decline a proposal because the message on the woman or the man, or the world, troubles me. My choices show my commitment. The Life of Adele screened at Cannes, during the protests against gay marriage, has had an impact all the more powerful as it was a love story simply.

What do they say in the street?

You can not stop me so often, we do not always recognize me, and that’s fine. And if you know me, this is very respectful. I would have hated to be exceeded by the celebrity. Maybe people see my personality … I’m a discreet, I do not create hysteria, I disappear behind my characters. I am the youngest of a large family. I had as a child the feeling of being transparent, and I made a force. I need to hide me to watch and to play. If I took too much space, it would be terrible. My metamorphosis in cinema come from there.

Robert Mitchum said: “An actress is a little more than a woman; an actor, it’s a little less than a man.”

This is so true of accuracy, intelligence, a drollery. An actress is a woman “exacerbated” her expected it amplifies the qualities attributed to him. A player must pick his feminine side, even if asked to be manly, strong, protector, hunter. The first thing he does in the morning on a tray, it is the hair, makeup.

You had the vocation to be a singer. It is a regret?

No. When I was younger, I sang all the time: songs princesses of Walt Disney, Michael Jackson – my absolute idol – Carmen Bizet. I had a wonderful voice, I think, but I did not have the discipline to keep it. Singer, rock star, one is always oneself, one is exposed to the gaze of all, it does not make me dream. I am shy, overly sensitive, very wild, I like to hide. I’m not very sociable, not worldly, not this humanity that interests me. I say this without boasting, without classify or prioritize.

It’s that I do not have that power. My group of friends, I’ve known for a long time, is a pedestal. I like talking to them for hours, not of my films, but the relation to the world of love, of life, of superficial things. I like to laugh, I have a cheerful nature, I’m having a child.

You’re discreet, secret. But also rebel

Not only I am not someone wise – I tend still to wisdom – but I’m not a good student. I do nothing as they told me to do, even if I have not committed great mistakes, but I do what I think is right. Sometimes I’m too impatient and I can bite my fingers. But I am a law, I take all my actions.

On your Instagram account, you have posted these words of Simone de Beauvoir, in Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter : “Literature assure me that immortality compensate forever lost; there was no God to love me, but I would burn in thousands of hearts writing a work fueled my story, I would create myself anew and I would justify my existence. . “

I can completely replace the word” literature “with” cinema “. This is my idea of ​​the game: there is no God to love me. Art is the only way to escape death, is the struggle, the resistance against the inevitable. This upsets me. This is probably the reason that made me dream of being an actress. Cinema has the extraordinary power to move people, to make living, make them want to live is beautiful.

Just the end of the world, by Xavier Dolan. In theaters September 21.


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