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French Nazi: When D8 explores a taboo in history –

History This Sunday at 21 am, D8 diffuse “Forbidden History: French Nazi German Nazis , flight to stalking “a historical magazine presented by Guy Lagache …

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brave the D8 prohibited. Sunday night at 21 pm, the channel broadcasts Forbidden History: Nazi French, German Nazis, fleeing to tracking , a history magazine presented by Guy Lagache. With his team, the reporter went up the track of those French who, during the Second World War, decided for themselves to kiss the flag of the Third Reich, to commit the most heinous crimes. Conversely, the document also highlights the men who made a point of honor to track these
 Nazis of France. Yet another issue on the traitors of war and Collaboration? Not really, since D8 decided to go further and highlight a forgotten history textbooks.

The French in the Gestapo

This Sunday night, you don ‘ hear no talk of Marshal Petain, or mother Michel who denounced his neighbors. In this new issue of Forbidden History , Guy Lagache focuses its attention on those French who have their own will, decided to commit to Nazi Germany. Approximately 30,000 men in total have pledged allegiance to Hitler, including the Gestapo or the SS Waffen, to various degrees of involvement. “Today people vaguely know what military collaboration is something that has been forgotten. But at the time, the French knew well since there were large recruitment campaigns, “said 20 Minutes historian
 Bénédicte Vergez-Chaignon, specialist collaboration, including author of a biography of Petain * (
 Perrin) editions, and which provided lighting D8.

With pictures and rare archival documents, including reports of the LVF (Legion of French Volunteers against Bolshevism), Guy Lagache and his team raise the veil on among other men who went to fight on the Eastern front, and participated in some of the massacres of civilians, including women and children. But History prohibited also takes a look at those after war, fought for justice to reign. The Nazi hunter who made the hunt a fight, the famous
 Simon Wiesenthal at least known Pierre Fugain, great name of the Resistance but also the father of singer Michel.

In the skin of a Nazi hunter

As told by Pierre Lescure, this documentary at times takes the form of spy movie or a thriller, especially when spectacular hounding former Nazis around the world. “The show has always looked at historical taboos,” says Guy Lagache, “but there is also an epic without being sensationalist.”

Another feature, put into perspective. “ Forbidden History try to understand why and how,” said the journalist. For this, the idea is to show the backstage of the hounding to get under the skin of these men who have made history, understand what were the problems posed constraints, obstacles, and the answers. The story as if you were there.

A French taboo, a hexagonal passion

A not necessarily obvious challenge, especially as the time is not the easiest to treat. “It is a taboo which stops on a gray area, a period which is not always very proud,” agrees Guy Lagache. And a facet of little known history, which has not finished unveiling. “We have a lot of waves and misconceptions,” Benedict approves Vergez-Chaignon who sees favorably the subject being discussed on TV. “It’s good to give the opportunity to be a better idea. And then there is a real public, the French love story. They read, they watch, and it’s not just a retirement hobby, “she jokes. D8, a chain instead turned to youth, therefore away for a time of antics TPMP, and made the bet.

* Bénédicte Vergez-Chaignon just published in Flammarion The Touvier case. The revelations archives



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