Friday, May 20, 2016

The Gossip Cannes, episode 10: a history of debauchery, a belly up and shock – TF1

What happened in Cannes today? Look, evening, unusual, tweets, statements, photos … Every day for the Cannes , MYTF1News you to discover the five highlights of the day side people . Two days before the surrender of the Golden Palm , two movies have caused a stir on the Croisette. Not necessarily for the right reasons. And these are the two directors who have made the show.


Nicolas Winding Refn VS Lars von Trier later. Five years after being cut to pieces through the media on the Croisette, the duel of Danish filmmakers continued Thursday. And this is the first who revived the machine by answering a question from a Norwegian journalist in the The press conference Neon Demon . “Lars, Lars, it is much junkie It is finished.”, Said the director of Drive before continuing on a crisp story that made the congregation laugh: “ Listen the last thing I saw Lars do is tell my wife that he wanted to sleep with her. I told him to go fuck himself. So he had to find another bitch “. Remember, Lars Von Trier had said in 2011 that he “understood Hitler”. About the controversies that have earned excluding the Cannes Film Festival. There has been persona non grata.


Her name was Nellie and will not even have the joy of receiving his own hand prices. Or rather own leg. Passed away a few months ago, this English bulldog was awarded on Friday the Palm Dog posthumously for his role in Paterson Jim Jarmusch. Logan Carter, the producer of the film, hailed “an incredible actress.” “She had a unique voice and was able to speak,” said he added in receiving this award which embodies a male in the feature film competition. It was like last message: “Please adopt, do not buy a dog, in honor of Nellie.”


the one he had on Friday was stamped “worst movie” of his directing career. Sean Penn has had a rough day, receiving an influx of negative reviews. So we had fun imagining that it was the head that he had made when he heard what was told to The Last Face . Your turn to try to caption this picture of Albert Pizzoli AFP.


It was hot on the Croisette. So much add a little spice on the red carpet. While fashion was to dresses (very) split this year, Adèle Exarchopoulos has she chosen to exhibit his legs but not his stomach. This is the navel to air it up the steps in a crop top and skirt Louis Vuitton.


the second trophy this Friday is attributed to the very friendly Elle Fanning. Quite proud of having turned under the direction of Nicolas Winding Refn and very excited to be in Cannes for the first time, the young actress of 18 years never moves without the Danish director. Well almost. On his iPhone case, she chose to engrave “directed by Nicolas Winding Refn.” “I wanted the show to photographers,” said she explained in the interview that followed the photocall. “It is a beautiful novel of friendship …”


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