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“Paterson”, the poem filmed Jim Jarmusch – francetv info

It is called Paterson lives in Paterson, is the driver of the bus downtown Paterson and admire William Carlos Williams, for his book, “Paterson”. He has a girlfriend, Laura. A dog, Marvin. And when he has a little time, wrote some poems, not necessarily flamboyant. That’s what it took for Jim Jarmusch we deliver a work of infinite finesse and delicacy. A fanciful ride it is in this working-class town of New Jersey, yet boring to die.
Monday. 6:15. Like clockwork, Paterson (Adam Driver, recently seen in “Star Wars 7″) wakes up in a bed right size, alongside a Laura (beautiful Golshifteh Farahani) still quite sleepy, in essence of the gentle . A silence. Deafening. A static shot of the commode. Then the chair of their bedroom where are affixed, meticulously folded the clothes today. Everything is in its place. Marvin also, on the couch. He wakes up slowly.

“We had plenty of home matches”

Paterson gets up, goes into the kitchen. Eating his cereal. Then fixed a matchbox. “We had plenty of home matches. We always keep on hand,” if he repeats, on the way to work. “We had plenty of matches at home We always keep handy Our favorites:.. Ohio Blue Tip … those who light the cigarette of the woman you love for the first time,” wrote Paterson, in his book secret. Until his boss comes to interrupt “? Ready to hit the road, Paterson”
And off he went, accompanied by the haunting music of Squrl, listening to the conversation of two kids sitting a few seats and browsing her city sip of light. He made his break before the Falls of Passaic to write a little and eat one of these wacky cookies prepared by Laura. Then he comes home. The finds. She attended. Did other cookies, a pie not really digestible, paint. And now wants to realize his dream of becoming country singer.


Laura is fantastic. A little calibrated same. But radiant. Marvin, the English bulldog growler, thinks the same. Paterson and it does not have the usual a master and his dog reports. They are competitors. They taunt. And when they go out, go for Paterson drink his daily beer is a little Marvin leash holds.
Tuesday. 6:15. The same old story, then every day of the week. With a lot of more or less regular meetings. His boss has more or less to say. The bartender he sees every night tell him the story of the city of Paterson. This old couple whose man is still numb, unlike his beloved, these twins they do not stop crossing and Laura that every day, a new fad. Each story. Each telling that of the city. As if Jarmusch had wanted to film the poetic collection of William Carlos Williams. The writer followed the metaphorical over the Passaic River offering the composite was a city through its immediate landscapes or contemporary scenes. It’s a bit what the filmmaker.


Except this is not the course of the river that we follow but that of the character of Paterson up what a small everyday worries disrupt the workings of this deadly machine.
There is undoubtedly in this Jarmusch there, Camera d’or in 1984 for “Stranger than paradise” comical tale the slow and painful discovery of Florida by Eva and Willie, something John Ford. Something his “Towards his destiny” (1939), where he stood the portrait of an employee of a small shop in the end the Illinois bottom deciding to go to Springfield for embarking on a legal career. A story of an abysmal simplicity, at least at this stage. That of Abraham Lincoln debut. And he could already give it incredible strength.
Sublime Jarmusch also the banality of everyday heroes. He exalts. So much so that at the end of the day, we can not wait to go home and retrieve cookies, Marvin and Laura.


film Jim Jarmusch – with Adam Driver and Golshifteh Farahani. . Duration: 1:53

Synopsis : Paterson lives in Paterson, New Jersey, the city of poets – William Carlos Williams Allan Ginsberg now crumbling. bus driver for thirty years, he leads a regular life alongside Laura, which multiplies projects and experience with enthusiasm and Marvin, english bulldog. Every day, Paterson wrote poems about a secret book that does not leave the …


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