Monday, May 16, 2016

Cannes 2016 – Loving: a “powerful” film, “heartbreaking” and “sumptuous” according to the press – Screenrush

What the international press thought the new film Midnight Special and Mud? Discover the first Loving of reviews Jeff Nichols …

In official competition with Loving, his fifth film (and already his second at Cannes), director Jeff Nichols seems to have convinced the international press present on the Croisette …

Aurélien Allin / Cinemateaser: “If Loving upsets as it is, as its performers the sublime Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton, it seems to be constantly in tears When they finally let to flow, their evocative power is devastating: Mildred and Richard are no longer heroes of history – and even less. simple subjects of a biopic. They are each of you, each of us, because Jeff Nichols filmed their pain and love as a universal pain. Rarely does one also has the undeniable and wrenching feeling of seeing a great film. “ Lire Full Review

Tom Clarac / GQ: “What looks like love in Loving? A something infinitely powerful, but still need to know to look under the surface. For there is no outpouring here, no fireworks, just the depth (and that goes for the sumptuous final). “ Lire Full Review

Eric Moreault / La Presse “The director, now in its third presence here could have fallen into pathos, he chose instead the delicacy and modesty, leaving often looks Edgerton Negga and express the essential. This is the most classic of its feature films in formal terms, but also the most moving. “ Lire Full Review

Jean-Claude Raspiengeas / The Cross: “Loving the beautiful movie of Jeff Nichols, was impressed by the style sober and full of his production, the simplicity of his story, the light composition of his frames, his game, almost allegorical, colors, warm, delicately worked. “ Lire Full Review

Jerome Vermelin / MetroNews: “Leaving the quasi-naturalistic approach to the first part, the rocker filmmaker in the illustration, certainly elegant, but too disembodied, since the Loving couple make a life away from home (…) the last part, devoted to the legal battle will result in the legalization of mixed marriages in the southern United States, turns civics with no real dramatic stakes no steps. “ Lire Full Review

Todd McCarthy / The Hollywood Reporter: “Where the film finds its limit, it is the lack of depth Loving relationship uniting. It is clearly intense but this lack of nuance and articulation. “ Lire Full Review

Peter Debruge / Variety: “The film contains two of the best performances of actors in recent years, from Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga. But the emotional impact of the film is precisely limited by deliberately modest approach. “ Lire Full Review

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