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VIDEOS. Cannes 2016: Palme fragrance for Marion Cotillard – Le Parisien

A year after the events in “Macbeth”, two years after “Two days, one night,” after three “The Immigrant,” after four “Rust and Bone”. .. The’re back. Marion Cotillard his napkin ring in Cannes.

This is probably what gives him such bright eyes when landed on the Croisette . The actress, wife of Guillaume Canet, carries with it its events silhouette. She arrives in London, where it turns in “Allied”, Robert Zemeckis, alongside Brad Pitt. At the time you read this, she has already returned.

Marion was Sunday queen for a day in Cannes for the film by Nicole Garcia “stones of Evil”, the third of four French works presented in competition.

Twice césarisée, Oscar winner for “the Kid,” the actress is overwhelming in this story adapted from a story by Italian novelist Milena Agus. She plays Gabrielle in the 1950s, a young Provençal Inconvenient family codes by his desire to absolute passion. Her parents married to Jose, seasonal workers from Spain. Gabrielle acts in loveless. Calculations that make suffer send six weeks in Switzerland, spa. There, Gabrielle met Andrew, surviving lieutenant, although in really bad shape, the Indochina war …

Cotillard is this year twice at Cannes official selection. She will return Thursday for “Just the end of the world” by Xavier Dolan, alongside, among others, Nathalie Baye. But already, it is in Garcia that she is entitled to a Best Actress. The case was not built in a day. She even macerated years. “It was Marion who reminded me that I had told him about this project it long ago,” says the director of “favorite son.” Rebelote it two years ago.

But the actress, tired of linking movies, dreamed of a break. “I wanted to take some time, take care a bit about me. “And to clarify:” I read three pages of the script and I closed it. I wanted to say no but before you even sit down on the day of the appointment, and while my agent had announced that I would refuse, I said yes. “

What tipped Marion? “The will to defend a woman to whom one wants to clip the wings but is animated by an indestructible desire for freedom. This is a topic that is still found today, “she assures us confident that each of her characters always involves work of imagination to which it will tap into childhood . “I like to go for the innocence she can assume. But I do linking any of my roles to mine. I was lucky to have parents who have nothing prevented me from going where I wanted. “

The day started with a laugh during the photocall between Gabrielle and Andrew, alias Louis Garrel. She appeared on the steps in golden color. And gold, in Cannes, without wanting to jinx anyone, does not he dresses the Palme?

a great movie *****

Gabrielle grew up in the small Provencal bourgeoisie. Her mother resents the loving spirit of absolute of his eldest daughter. She marries José, a farm employee, who has known the Spanish Civil War. Suffer from kidney stones, Gabrielle follows a course in Switzerland. There she met a lieutenant wounded in the war in Indochina and falls madly in love. Adapted from the eponymous book, the Italian novelist Milena Agus, this film is one of the finest made by Nicole Garcia. We love the classic and romantic fever that shall speak in public. The colors, the music, focused on “the June Barcarolle” by Tchaikovsky, and of course firepower of an interpretation flawless make this work a huge and shocking movie pleasure.

“stones of evil” by Nicole Garcia, Marion Cotillard, Louis Garrel, Alex Brendemühl, Brigitte Rouan … 1 h 56 Exit 19 October.

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