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Cannes 2016 – Just the end of the world: between “great intensity” and “disappointment”, Xavier Dolan divides the press – Screenrush

Two years later, Xavier Dolan Will we repeat a “Mommy” and capsize the Croisette with “Just the end of the world”? On the reviews, it’s not really won.

In 2014, he upset the Croisette with Mommy, so that many saw injustice in the fact that it reparte Cannes with a Prize Jury. Will he be the same this year, just the end of the world and its cast of stars, in which intersect Marion Cotillard, Léa Seydoux, Vincent Cassel or Gaspard Ulliel? Nothing is less certain, as his new movie divided critics

Renan Cros / CinémaTeaser. “Just so the end of the world is the first film” d adult “by Xavier Dolan. a film of the post, a strange film that shakes everything in its path starting with Dolan himself. Difficult to love and yet heady, ambitious and perhaps clumsy, the film has some of something less immediate than the previous but yet perhaps more decisive “- Lire Full Review

Peter Debruge / Variety: “In the most unpleasant kind of cinema (the union of a dysfunctional family ), Dolan has found how to exasperate and exhaust its audience but also achieved an incredible catharsis after half past one unsustainable. Standing on the grave of dreams, he knows why caged birds sing “Lire Full Review

Marilyne Letertre / MetroNews: “Too many effects kills the effect Xavier: charging the musical score, to refuse the silences, to abuse of figures of speech, kissing too often hysteria, he asphyxiation his story “ Lire Full Review

The Hollywood Reporter: “A disappointment even for the faithful of Dolan”

Isabelle Regnier / Le Monde Dolan, also has the elegance to offer its viewers whimsical escape as this choreography (very badly) improvised by Léa Seydoux and Nathalie Baye to the sound of old tube O- area (collector), or the luminous reminiscence caused by the discovery in the shed, the old mattress that once hosted her love for Peter, said Joli-Coeur . “- Lire Full Review

Jon Frosch / The Hollywood Reporter: “A disappointment even for the faithful of Dolan (…) the last film of the director, just the end of the world, (…) is likely to gather the pro- and anti-Dolan around a broad consensus: it is not very good (…) [Xavier Dolan ] may be unable to make a flat film and lifeless but for the first time, he realized a cold and deeply unconvincing “ Lire Full Review

Louis Guichard / Télérama: “A family private session magnificent intensity (…) There already a small miracle in preserving the style of the director without his signature sound most recognizable. The balance rather the imbalance between intensity and derision, between exuberance and despair, which was the brilliance of the previous films, is there, right away, in another “music” almost a different language. “Lire Full Review

Télérama: “A family private session for a beautiful intensity”

Odile Tremblay / Le Devoir: the dramatic theater springs create a lock-in effect, absent from Tom at the farm which he compares, who took the more wide across the fields. But this condensation serves its visceral diving to the intimate. “- Lire Full Review

Caroline Vié / 20 Minutes: “Just the end of the world is probably not as strong as Mommy but Xavier Dolan at least proves his talent of director of actors and director flamboyant stage “Lire Full Review

“UFO” Xavier Dolan seen by Nathalie Baye, the cast of the film:

Nathalie Baye Interview


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