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And if Jane Bond was a possibility? – The world

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Gillian Anderson, January 12, in Los  Angeles.

He returned on his comments to mitigate some, but not enough for any remaining suspense. To those who asked him who would be next, he replied:

“Listen, I do not care. Good luck to them ! “

If Daniel Craig is still officially James Bond, most of the British Franchise we talk only to speculate on who will replace him. Some were nominated by the press and categorically deny. Others have more or less applied for membership, indirectly, between the lines. Others do not make waves and biding their time. Yes, there are many parallels with the French policy.

The last to enter the race is the actress Gillian Anderson, the legendary agent Dana Scully in the series “X-Files”, which launched its campaign with a message on his Twitter account. It appears “photoshopée” poster on the iconic film, a picture “love it” , and writes: “This is Bond. Jane Bond. “

What weight will the spontaneous and unexpected application? She had the merit of being very well received online have been very relayed and pushing the British press to ask the question: what if Jane Bond was really a possibility

James Bond, the absolute male character at once seductive and violent, resulting from the cold war, has adapted over the film to a changing world. So far, rumors and whispers of cinema middle gave preference to Tom Hiddleston, Loki in Thor: The Dark World , the classic choice of continuation. Or Idris Elba, Stringer Bell from the equally legendary “The Wire,” choice of modernity. if we wait to see the co-producer of Spectrum , Barbara Broccoli, is open to other proposals

Analysis:. James Bond, geopolitical hero


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