Friday, May 27, 2016

Asked by land, glasses are taken to a work of art – Le Figaro

VIDEO – A young boy of 17 years has engaged in a malicious turn. He installed his glasses on the floor of a modern art museum and observed the reactions of visitors. The result is worth it.

It takes very little to pass for a contemporary artist to the general public. The young TJ Khayatan has experienced this week. While attending an exhibition at the Modern Art Museum of San Francisco (SFMOMA), this high school student 17 years decided to play a trick innocent visitors. He put his glasses on the floor and waited for their reactions. The result is worth it.

In a few seconds, people intrigued by the “work of art” improvised began to be outraged about her and take her picture. One, then two, then ten … They were many to succeed around the curious object, sometimes staying several minutes to contemplate and comment on its artistic dimension.

The idea came to him while watching some parts of the exhibition, like this stuffed animal sitting on a gray blanket. “Some of these works have not affected us at all, me and my friends,” he says in Buzzfeed. “So we wanted to test the ability to impress other visitors “. The least we can say is that he was not disappointed with the result.

TJ Khayatan immortalized these absurd scenes and posted them on Twitter May 24 In less than three days, more than 50,000 retweets welcomed the good joke. Among them, the Modern Art Museum of San Francisco itself responded with humor: “Would we have a Marcel Duchamp among us?”

Other Internet users were pleased to imagine the zany interpretations this work of art a few hours, which were able to create in the minds of fans aback.

Encouraged by these unexpected reactions, the mischievous boy wanted to retry the experiment with other objects . cap, a garbage … but none has generated as much interest as glasses

This comic episode irresistibly recalls a scene by Yasmina Reza in his play Art . Rational Marc is appalled that his friend Serge, who knows drop to art, has put 200,000 francs in a white cloth that has certified him to be a work of art, and exclaims: “I am disturbed old man, I am disturbed and I even hurt, if so, to see Serge, I like to let pluck snobbery and not have a discernment program. “


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