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“The Seagull” by Thomas Ostermeier: a diamond brilliant and superfluous – francetv info

Chekhov’s social commitment

When the audience settles, the actors are already present. Sitting on benches around a bare space, they will never leave the stage and look to play their partners. In the background, a quote from Chekhov on his return from prison Sakhalin where he went to treat prisoners “Who went to hell sees the world and men differently.”

Referring no doubt that social commitment Dr. Chekhov, and give the text of contemporary resonances, the characters evoke early, a taxi driver Syrian met in Paris, “standing Night” and even with humor recourse to 49.3; before engaging in a satire of some tics of contemporary theater, interspersed with rock songs played live.

Ostermeier adds a satire tics of  contemporary theater

Ostermeier adds a satire tics contemporary theater

© Arno Declair

These additions, even if they are often carried out, stretch and hold the show remote issues the room. its conflict of generations, his romantic disappointments, its different visions of art, official and academic or libertarian and clumsy

the characters are required in the second part

the text and characters of Chekhov are needed in the second half with a simple, obvious, that make some forget the annoyance of the beginning. The scene of the meal is remarkable in this respect. Valerie Dreville embodies all that is necessary ambivalence, the viellissante actress, blinded with love for Trigorin, fashionable author who neglects, but is at the same time terribly cruel to her son.

Bénédicte Ceruti, Sébastien Pouderoux  Valerie Dréville François Lorikeet

Bénédicte Ceruti Sebastien Pouderoux Valerie Dréville François Lorikeet

© Arno Declair

Matthew Sampeur embodies this son, Constantine, with great finesse, becoming the central character in the play, much to the detriment of Nina ( “the Seagull”), yet with charm performer Melody Richard (though not always audible diction).

Matthew Sampeur and Melody Richard

Matthew Sampeur and Melody Richard

© Arno Declair

Besides the generally faultless cast, it will detach the spineless character of the writer François embodied Lorikeet. Not to mention, the annex, the doctor that supports Sébastien Pouderoux, loaned by the Comédie-French, which shows that he is a good actor but also an excellent musician.

Throughout the piece, the Marine painter Dillard, performs a vast fresco in black and gray, before destroying. This is not a seagull, as we had imagined at first, but a lake sorrounded mountains. We salute the performance and talent of the artist, although it is not certain that this brings anything to the Chekhovian world.

Marine Dillard performs a live fresco

Marine Dillard performs a live fresco

© Arno Declair

A universe which is blamed in the vision of Ostermeier, of still miss many emotion. With the exception of the character of Constantine, and this much through his interpreter.


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