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5 things to know about Dumb & Dumber De! – Screenrush

By Camille and Benjamin Baud Sivignon ▪ Wednesday, December 17, 2014 – There are 4 minutes

Lloyd and Harry are back in “Dumb & amp; Dumber From”! For the occasion, spotlight turning secrets of the movie!

Project Genesis

Following the adventures of Harry and Lloyd came close does not take place, because Warner Bros. (Who produced the first film) and Jim Carrey were not excited about the project, concerned about the risk that it represented. But fortunately, the Farrelly brothers have been able to show convincing with Universal.


Among the many fans of adventure Lloyd and Harry, hides Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence. Indeed, the young actress, who was only five years at the output of the first Dumb and Dumber, confessed his passion for the cult film. So it gives her great happiness she appears briefly in Dumb & amp; Dumber From

Jim Carrey

Actor Found

It is trying to contact Brady Bluhm, the 11 year old who played Billy in the first Dumb and Dumber , that production team realized that he was not found. Finally, through the social network Facebook, the young 31-year-old man was found and was able to resume his role in Dumb & amp; Dumber From .

actress Choice

Big fan of the series The Walking Dead, director Peter Farrelly immediately thought of Laurie Holden actress to embody the saucy Adele Pinchelow. At first, she was not available but was finally able to break free to interpret this colorful character.

Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels

On the teeth

In a scene where Harry dreams of another life where he lives comfortably in the suburbs, Lloyd wears a necklace of human teeth and makes the garbage to survive .dropoff window Jim Carrey has demanded that the scene is quickly turned and the head prop Mike Sabo had only a few hours to find a large number of teeth for the necklace. He finally had to call his own dentist who was able to provide the required number because he was happily snatched a large number of teeth in the day.

all shooting secrets” Dumb & amp; Dumber To “


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