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Jennifer Lawrence, the actress most “bankable” 2014 – Stars News







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We take the same and start again! This year Jennifer Lawrence has been designated as the actress most “bankable”. This was the case in 2013!

“Bankable” KEZAKO? Hear hence it is the most profitable actress of the year, an actress whose presence in the cast of a film allows, in the present state of things in any case, to ensure success ! In short an actress who is big! It is estimated that it has generated $ 1.4 billion this year


 Credits: PR Photos

Credit: PR Photos

The star of the “Hunger Games” saga and “X-Men: Days of Future Past “and topped a ranking by Forbes magazine, ahead of Chris Pratt (1.2 billion), Scarlett Johansson (1.18 billion), Mark Wahlberg (1 billion) and Chris Evans (801 million).

And yet 2014 was not that easy …

If the professional level. This year 2014 has been successful, on a personal level it was harder for her. First he had to his break with Chris Martin but also the famous nude photos of her shared by thousands on social networks. Back on the case that could have cost him dearly ….

This year, in spite of herself as Jennifer Lawrence has become a favorite target of pirates web and specifically those who the “Fappening”, a practice to upload pictures of naked celebrities. On several occasions the Oscar winner was a victim of this practice with the publication of numerous photos where it appears in the nude and sometimes in poses more than suggestive.

Late August she was the One of the first victims of this new trend which agitates social networks for too long. Then in late September, and despite threats of legal action after the publication of the first photos, 55 additional shots of the star of “The Hunger Games” were also distributed and shared worldwide via social networks.

The distribution of all these pictures of stars, since Jennifer Lawrence was not the only one referred, is the direct consequence of piracy iClouds accounts of our celebrities. A scandal that was dubbed “The Celebgate”

Exasperated at having become the target of these hackers, the actress had already cried foul, saying the Vanity Fair website. “It is not a scandal is a sex crime.”

And add “This is my body, this should be my choice, and the fact that it is not my choice is absolutely disgusting (…) I can not even believe that we live in such a world. It is a sexual violation. (…) We need to change the law, and we must change. This is why these websites are responsible. “

The actress also had a quick note to all those who have looked at the pictures” People who watched these photos go guilty of a sexual offense. Shame on them “

During October, and failing to have convinced the hackers leave her alone, she earned a first victory. Claiming his right to the image, and therefore the right to intellectual property, the actress got deleting Google links allowing users to access through its search engine to sites hosting the photos.

Jennifer Lawrence’s lawyers have argued the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act), a commonly used to obtain the obtain the removal of pirated files law. They threatened to claim from Google over $ 100 million in damages

. 2014, a year marked by Jennifer cardboard as singer!

But end with a positive note. This year is also the year in which Jennifer Lawrence was a hit in the bins with one of the titles of the soundtrack of the film “Hunger Games – The Revolt: Part 1″

So the title “The Hanging Tree “joined the top 10 most downloaded songs on iTunes in several countries and was ranked in the list of best-selling singles in the United States.

” The Hanging Tree “, a song became a rallying cry for all the rebels finally in the movie of course ..



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