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Hacking Sony: Pyongyang demands a joint investigation with the … – Le Figaro

accused by the FBI of being at the origin of data theft that targeted the studio, North Korea denounced a “slander” and promises to Washington “serious consequences” if the administration Obama refuses to cooperate. The United States hold their charge and they swept the North Korean threats.

• North Korea wants to lead the Inquiry with Washington

The tone continues to rise between the US and North Korea. A spokesman for the White House reiterated that the United States had sisters that North Korea was beautiful, well behind piracy suffered by Sony Pictures. The studio has canceled Wednesday after hacker threats output planned for Christmas Interview kills !, parody comedy about a CIA plot to kill the fictional North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. Accused by US authorities of being behind the data theft that targeted Hollywood studio, North Korea denounced Saturday morning slander and demanded a joint investigation with Washington. “Without going to use torture as did the American CIA, we have the means to prove that we have nothing to do with this incident,” says Pyongyang. In case of refusal, the United States may face “serious consequences” warns the North Korean Foreign Ministry. “No terrorist attacks against innocent bystanders in theaters,” said North Korea, “but frontal attacks against those who engage in hostile activities”. “North Korea has a habit of denying its repsonsabilités,” said a spokesman of the House blance. “If they want to help, they just have to admit that they are guilty,” he added.

US President Barack Obama had promised Friday that the United States “respond” to North Korea: “We will respond at a time, at a place and in a manner we choose” <. / p>

North Korea adopted a more virulent tone on another issue, that of human rights, using the threat of a “strengthening its nuclear arsenal.” The regime believes that the United States has only one goal: “to invade North Korea.” Pyyongyang Thursday was the target of UN critics who wanted to refer it to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity.

• Seoul also blames North Korea

South Korea stressed that the attack on Sony has similarities with piracy suffered by banks and news agencies South Korea last year that were blamed on Pyongyang. Seoul said to be ready to share with the United States information “relating to cyber attack against Sony” and to strengthen international cooperation to respond to new security threats.

North Korea has 6,000 hackers, a thousand would operate in China. Pyongyang is among the top five countries in terms of information warfare capabilities. Each year it selects some 300 students and makes them elite cyber-combatants.

• The CEO of Sony defends and hopes to release the film on other platforms

Barack Obama believes that Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) had made a “mistake” by canceling the output Interview kills , a satirical comedy about a fictitious plot of CIA to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, which sparked the ire of the communist regime. “We can not have a society in which one somewhere dictator can begin to impose censorship here in the United States,” insisted the US president. Reproach swept boss Michael Lynton SPE: “We do not surrender,” said he hammered

“The president, the press and opinion are wrong about what s. ‘really happened, “he assured, claiming they were forced to give out The interview that kills! as movie channels had” called one by one “to say that she will not be planning, facing threats from hackers. Sony “still hopes to” release the film on “different platforms” such as streaming sites or videos on demand, DVD or even on the Youtube video website.

• An invoice 500 million for Sony?

The devastating hacking Sony Pictures by North Korea and the cancellation of the film The interview that kills! could cost the film studio up to half a billion, experts say. The comedy had received huge media exposure and could hope to garner 200 to 300 million revenue internationally.

The cleaning and replacement of the Sony computer system it should amount to tens of millions of dollars. Loss which is added “the loss of productivity of employees who could not access their computers and have seen their hard drives erased their stolen documents. The studio will also have to bear the consequences for employees and customers of the theft of their personal data including potential identity theft, not to mention the damage to the reputation of Sony.

• The Chinese media denounce an arrogant movie

The Chinese newspaper Global Times called “absurd cultural arrogance” American film Interview that kill !. “American filmmakers are wrong to make fun of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un,” said the newspaper, owned by the People’s Daily , the official organ of the Chinese Communist Party. “The film that mocks the leader of the US enemy, can not be subject to any pride on the part of Hollywood and American society,” said Global Times in its editorial. “Americans still believe they can joke about the leaders of other countries just by what they are free to criticize or make fun of their own leaders,” said the newspaper. “No matter the look that carries the American Society on North Korea and Kim Jong-un. Kim is still the leader of the country. ”


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