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Hacking Sony Pictures: the wrath of George Clooney and … Guy – The World

George Clooney in the American film by Anton Corbijn,

The actor also regrets that the press is “forgotten its mission” , in this case, and failed to highlight the role of North Korea in piracy while the country is now strongly suspected by US authorities. Clooney considers as its threats, North Korea can now decide on “content” released by Hollywood – Sony has decided, following threats of attacks launched by hackers, cancel release of the film The Interview American comedy in which two journalists were recruited by the CIA to assassinate the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un.

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“Their action affects not only film, but all our activities. Imagine a media prepares an article and a country does not like what is being written. Beyond piracy, there all the threats that have been made. Sony has not withdrawn the film because they were afraid, but because the movie said they were not going to send it, because lawyers cinemas said that if someone died in a cinema during the screening of “ The Interview” in cinemas would bear the responsibility. “

George Clooney denounces a form of hypocrisy and recalls that the First Amendment of the US Constitution is supposed to defend freedom of expression. ” In general, is invoked when someone burned a flag or does something stupid, “ he said, noting that The Interview is probably not the smartest film of the year, but it should nevertheless have to be defended. George Clooney would have required support the studio and do not remove the film, a way of saying that “we will not pay ransom” .

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Guy Delisle author Quebecois comic published Pyongyang , an autobiographical comic about his stay in North Korea also said appalled. In an article posted on its website on December 18, he writes:

“This morning I learned that the film adapted from my comic strip” Pyongyang ” is canceled. I did not have much contact with the production and for two years now that the rights were sold, I have always been aware of developments through the Internet. “

” It was not until early December that everything has become much more concrete for me. There was the announcement of Steve Carell in the lead role, filming was scheduled in March in Serbia and I got a call from Gore Verbinski. He told me about how he saw this film, I was excited and now know that the whole project falls into the water saddens me deeply (…). Finally, what distresses me most are the reasons that led to the cancellation. One would have imagined that a big multinational resist to the threats of a band of North Korean hackers. Apparently, they were able to touch where it hurts. “

He recalled that in 2001, a few months after returning from Pyongyang, he sent the first pages of his album, a personal project, the animation studio that was sent to North Korea.

I thought it would amuse the reading looks like the country where they produce their TV series. The reaction was cold, I was told that I had no right to talk about my stay there, that my contract contained a confidentiality clause and that I could not do this book. “

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