Sunday, December 28, 2014

Rihanna in Barbados for the holidays, discover its program – Staragora

Rihanna had lest ended the year with neglected mode, but finally celebrated Christmas among his family and friends in Barbados, its home island. And the singer did not finish make us mad, because while half the world shivers under layers of clothing, Rihanna poses no complex in swimsuit! And good media star, Huey does not hesitate to give us his daily on Instagram. Rihanna we may be impress with its Christmas tree bling-bling, but it remains a very close female relative and friends. It has thus been put in the company of her best friend, Melissa Forde, but Rihanna was primarily overjoyed to see Majesty, the daughter of his cousin, who was six months. The singer is crazy about this adorable little girl and had already laid with her during his previous holiday in Barbados. And since arriving on the island, the interpreter of Stay shared on Instagram no less than four pictures where you can see his little cousin. Sometimes in hugs mode, sometimes in game mode, Rihanna is a gaga tata who swears by Majesty. Is the little girl will eventually give it desires maternity? Hard to say. Rihanna mode with hugs her little niece
Rihanna mode with hugs her little niece
© Instagram Rihanna still as sexy for Christmas
If for most of us Christmas means cold and fire, this is far from being the case for the people of Barbados! Our dear Riri advantage of the heat and sun and does not hesitate to show, perhaps to give us even colder. Accompanied by her best friend Melissa Forde, Rihanna landed without a red bikini, pay tribute to the history of Santa Claus, no doubt. Finally, on the last photo posted on Instagram, Rihanna wears a red sweater perfectly into the Christmas spirit. Is this a gift? Not impossible. Anyway, Rihanna seems to have fun on his native island. Moreover, it would be well to Barbados next Christmas.


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