Friday, December 19, 2014

The FBI accuses North Korea of ​​being responsible for hacking … – The World

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

To come to accuse directly from North Korea, while many gray areas still existed on the subject, the FBI provides in its text that “technical analysis on the malware used in the attack reveal links with other software, including the FBI knows that they were developed by North Korean actors. “


The Federal Police who investigated this matter in close cooperation with Sony Pictures, private companies and the US government, speaks in its statement of “similarities in lines of code, data encryption algorithms, methods to remove data and compromise computer networks.”

“The FBI discovered that several IP-related North Korean infrastructure contacted IP addresses which were written in the code of the malware used to erase data in the attack. (…) On top of that, the tools used to attack Sony Pictures Entertainment have similarities with those of the cyber attack in March 2013 against the media and South Korean banks, which was conducted by North Korea . “

The FBI, noting that this attack was ” a private business and ordinary citizens who work there, “ reaffirms that cyber threats are ” one of the most great danger for national security “, and is firm. Such “intimidation beyond the limits of acceptable behavior for a state” , and the federal police concluded: “We will identify, pursue and will pay the price to individuals, groups or country who use cyber attacks to threaten the United States or interests. “

Barack Obama should speak on the subject at a press conference at 19: 30 pm (Paris time). This case is “a threat against the security of Americans ” has the White House said Thursday

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