Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tonight on TV: The Great Mop or Madagascar 3? – Stars News







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 TF1 screen capture

capture screen TF1

In your evening TV program this Sunday, December 21, 2014 two great films await you. TF1 First, find the legendary duo Louis de Funes / Bourvil in yet another replay of a cult film, that of Gérard Oury “The Great Ramble”.

For many years, it was the most viewed film of all time in the French cinemas with 17,273,343 viewers. Since “Welcome to the Sticks” and “untouchables” have been there …

history Reminder: In 1942, during the German occupation, three British parachute landing in Paris after their plane was shot down. A house painter and a conductor that nothing approaching, decided to hide and to accompany them to the free zone. En route to Burgundy, they are pursued by the Germans …

Along with Louis de Funes and Bourvil, Claudio Brook in the role of Peter Cunningham and Mike Marshall in that of Alan MacIntosh.

Madagascar 3 France 2

A different style on France 2 with the studio DreamWorks animated film ” Madagascar 3: Europe good kisses. ” A 4 days of Christmas, we expect that many children should be glued to their screens especially since it is the first in the clear for a film released in 2012 and had 3.3 million viewers believe in French Rooms

history. Remember: Back from Africa, where last adventure they had led them, Alex and his faithful friends Marty, Gloria and Melman now yearn to return home to New York and find the familiar framework of the Central Park Zoo. Both say they are willing to do anything to get there! While Julian King, Maurice and the Penguins are joining them, their new incredible expedition led Europe where they find the perfect cover: a traveling circus they become the heroes – how Madagascar course

! And during that time on M6

Christmas or not, M6 is no exception to the rule. Tonight the chain will offer indeed a new issue of its news magazine “Capital”. Tonight room for excess with a subject dedicated to the business of Las Vegas

Small presentation: A few days before Christmas, Capital invites you into the world capital of entertainment and entertainment Las Vegas. Located in the desert is the city of excess, extravagance, tinsel, which attracts 40 million tourists. Here, everything is bigger and crazier than elsewhere: hotels, casinos, shows, restaurants, shopping and success stories. How Las Vegas has it become a giant drawer? How have great sight to the shows taken over the slot machines? How does behind the scenes, the largest hotel in the world (The Venetian, 7000 rooms)? And how, in this highly competitive environment, some French have they managed to win? An unpublished survey and a total immersion in the heart of a unique city in the world.



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