Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cyber ​​warriors of North Korea would be behind piracy … –

TECHNOLOGY According to sources within the FBI …

The North cor technicians & # XE9; ens monitoring a missile test from a central control & # XF4, the the outskirts of Pyongyang.
North Korean technicians monitor a missile test from a control center on the outskirts of Pyongyang. – P.UGARTE / AFP
* Philippe Berry

Welcome in the era of cyber warfare. Despite his denials, North Korea would be behind the hacking of Sony Pictures. CNN and ABC, cite FBI sources and specify an official announcement could come Thursday.

According to the New York Times , the US authorities have concluded that Pyongyang ” played a central role “in the attack and seek to determine whether Sony employees participated in the interior. Washington still hesitate on the exact wording of his accusations in a sensitive international diplomatic context.

Sony finally surrendered on Wednesday, deciding to cancel the US release of the film The Interview ( Interview kills , in French), a decision which the North Korean regime welcomed. However, it has always denied being responsible for the attack, while the Guardians of Peace hacker group had ever made about him until now.

The 1800 hackers Office 121

With a code partly written in Korean, the malware used to penetrate Sony’s defenses is similar to a virus used in attacks against South Korea last year, according to several experts.

If North Korea is still living in the Internet stone age, the government set up an elite unit of 1,800 hackers, called the “121 Office”. Little information is available, but Jang Se-yul, a past dissident south, told Reuters that the most promising candidates are sometimes recruited at age 17, mainly among IT students at the National Military University. They often enjoy a luxurious official residence. “It is a great honor,” says Jang.


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