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Political seize the Zemmour deal – BBC

After eviction by I-Télé polemicist, political reactions including Twitter have multiplied. By Nicolas Dupont-Aignant Marine Le Pen through Daniel Cohn-Bendit, we denounce an attack on freedom of expression.

Within 24-hour eviction by I-Télé his polemicist Eric Zemmour generated in the political class ranks a broad debate on freedom of expression. By Nicolas Dupont-Aignant Marine Le Pen through Daniel Cohn-Bendit, many see an excess of political correctness and have reported on Twitter that the word-pound # 1EmissionPourZemmour is the second most discussed topic on the network Social. The journalist, bookstore phenomenon with his book The French suicide , was left out of the news channel because of a controversial translation of an interview on Islam published in the Corriere della Sera . The interview outraged journalists I-Tele and anti-racist associations. Although the Italian journalist admitted having added the word “deportation” five million French Muslims’ in one of his questions by transcribing the interview, the controversy has not abated in France

“L eviction of Eric Zemmour i-Tele is not good news for democracy # policedelapensée “has alarmed the Maritime Alps UMP Eric Ciotti.

His colleague Jean-Jacques Guillet has taken him apocryphal phrase attributed to Voltaire: “I do not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death that you have the right to say it. ”

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, chairman of Standing France, “the single thought is to ban low Zemmour. More than ever need to debate and freedom in France. ” Philippe de Villiers is unworthy of France is being transformed into a “totalitarian country.”

Meanwhile, Christine Boutin, founder of the Christian Democratic Party, sent several tweets in support polemicist while warning against “recovery” by FN: “I-TV ended his collaboration with Eric Zemmour all becomes worrying!”, “Mainly it keeps its political independence! The dance of the belly is #FN indecent. ”

“#Zemmour of censureitele is hateful! ‘Protested Marine Le Pen, while Louis Alliot, vice president of the National Front, announced on the social network had canceled his participation in iTELE the morning of January 7 and called Canal + subscribers, parent company of I-TV in résiller their subscription. “After the ouster of Zemmour, I scratched iTV now my sources of information. I invite the Democrats to do the same! “, He adds.

Eric Zemmour collected a most unexpected support. Daniel Cohn-Bendit, a columnist on Europe 1, said he approved of the presence of Eric Zemmour “in public space that hurt me or not.” “The problem is that Zemmour exists not only as Zemmour but it’s one of the great intellectuals of the National Front and the FN exists in the deep or not France. As I defend the proportional and the right of FN be represented in the National Assembly, I have to defend the presence of Zemmour, “argued the former MEP. “Journalists have problems with Zemmour, I understand them. Should we let him tell his nonsense? I would go to say yes, although I admit that it is often unbearable. In the name of freedom and diversity in the media, “he added.

Paradox, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who relayed the interview Corriere della Sera , and launched the controversy, has erected against the sanction of I-TV “turn Zemmour is not a helpful decision in the fight against his ideas.” For his party, the Left Front, “We are for the confrontation of ideas and freedom of expression. We warn against the fact Zemmour turn into a victim and a martyr! We do not want postures but effective acts: thought zemmourienne spreads via the National Front, it is on the level of ideas that we must argue, and not give the impression of a censorship “..

From the ranks of the PS, several MPs have instead endorsed a decision to I-TV:

Shared Analysis by Rama Yade (IDUs):


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