Thursday, December 18, 2014

Live – Hackers leave to Sony a bill of 200 million … – Liberation

The key

• attacks Threatened by an anonymous message, the most large circuits US cinemas yesterday decided to deprogram The Interview , the comedy of Seth Rogen. Sony followed by announcing the cancellation (or at least postponed) of the American release of the film, scheduled for December 25.

• It has been over three weeks since Sony Pictures Entertainment, the film division of the General Staff, is the target of hackers to unknown identity. Hackers have stolen terabytes of sensitive data on their servers (passwords, e-mails, production secrets, no video released in cinema films), and distill them on the web.

• The claims were initially unclear, but they are now asking the complete deprogramming The Interview called” terrorist film “. Mocking the dictator Kim Jong-un, it angered North Korea earlier this year. Suspicion falls on Pyongyang.

2:20 p.m.. The film world is not the only one affected by the raid anti-Sony hackers. In emails responsible for majors, stolen and leaked on the web, are also some confidential correspondence with outsiders. So Evan Spiegel, founder of the mail application Snapchat, ultra-popular among teens, saw unveil its strategic plans for the future … Financial documents, secret acquisitions of startups in QR codes or glasses connected way Google Glass … “I felt like crying all morning” , Evan Spiegel tells BBC News.

13h. Steve Carrell does not seem to approve the decision to cancel his film Pyongyang , intialement scheduled for March 2015. ” Sad day for creative expression “, he tweeted, followed by “Fear eats the soul” , referring to the original title of the film Ali: Fear Eats the Soul .

O by the site Deadline, director Gore Verbinski is not better mood: “We made it very clear to me that because of the problems Sony, Fox will distribute not my film. And without distributor New Regency has to stop production. What I think: it is ironic that the breeze afraid an opportunity to tell a story about our ability to overcome fear “

. 11:40. And if the first spectators to discover The Interview were … the North Koreans? According to The Hollywood Reporter , activists for human rights in the country have sent satirical comedy on DVD, transported by hydrogen balloons. The technology is proven in Korea to send radio stations and other highly subversive objects. Only downside: if the film does not come out in theaters, the DVD is not going to emerge either

10:55 .. still some farmers who did not shy … The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema programmer, in Richardson, Texas, replace The Interview with another film about North Korea on its screens. And the lucky likely to be even more corrosive, since it is Team America: World Police , a feature film puppets by the creators of South Park . “We just try to get the most out of this predicament” , says the operator, James Wallace.

10am. Regardless considered so far, the North Korean track takes the bull by the beast. Wednesday night, many US news channels (NBC, CNN …) announced confirmation that Pyongyang is behind the computer attack Sony and threats around the film. The New York Times engages Thursday morning: “The authorities have concluded that North Korea has a central place in the hacking of Sony Pictures.” After investigation division Cyber ​​FBI, he therefore appear that Pyongyang has led the attack, perhaps failing to be running. “There is always debate on a possible internal complicity to Sony, who would have had access to the computer equipment.” Another thorny issue is the future official reaction from the US administration.

9:30. Psychosis spreads in the film industry. Although qu’épargnée by threats of attacks, the production company New Regency has paused his own film project on North Korea, reveals The Warp. Pyongyang is an adaptation of the comic Guy Delisle, Gore Verbinski and produced by Steve Carrell which would have the lead role. Autobiographical comic tells the story of Guy Delisle brief stay in the North Korean capital, where he had to oversee the completion outsourced cartoons. The film’s release was scheduled for March 2015.



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