Monday, December 29, 2014

Vin Diesel in a new Marvel? A picture casts doubt – Screenrush

Vin Diesel he will be one of “Inhuman” Marvel? The actor posted a picture on social networks casting doubt …

He had already done the deed summer … Should see a confirmation or an attempt to pressure the production? The fact is that Vin Diesel has posted a picture on social networks that has something confusing his fans and those of Marvel …

Sur his official Facebook page , the actor has published a photo of him in black and white that reads “ Are you Inhumans? ” A photo that has already attracted tens of thousands of “likes”, shares and other comments.

For the record, The Inhumans are a species of mutant humans living on Earth Attilan, a city located on an island 300 kilometers from Iceland. Project announced since 2011, The Inhumans are mutants created by extraterrestrial Kree humans, that we can discover the cinema in The Guardians of the Galaxy, by the character of Ronan the Accuser ( more … ).

As one of the films of phase 3 of Marvel, presented in detail in late October last , The Inhumans already have a release date, October 31, 2018 …

Teasing, forcing or joke on the part of Vin Diesel ? To be continued

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