Thursday, December 25, 2014

Comedy irritates Pyongyang, symbol of freedom of expression … – The Express

I had no intention before going to see this film but given all that has happened, I think it is important to show our support ,” said AFP Greg Millett, a scientist of 46, just before the screening of the film in the West End Cinema in Washington.

We believe that this is a very important question of principle not to allow entities to dictate what can be seen or not seen in America ” told AFP on Sunday Josh Levin, co-founder of the theater of the federal capital. “ Bullying should not prevent the free expression of ideas “.

One reason given by many spectators made the trip to see the movie right out Thursday in about 300 theaters in the United States. Instead of the 2,500 rooms originally intended in large networks.

Some have even been surprised by attending an evening screening on Wednesday night in Los Angeles, received the visit of the co-directors of comedy, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.

We thought it would never happen ,” said Seth Rogen, also one of the poster of the comedy heads. “ We just wanted to thank you. Without cinemas like this without people like you, guys, it would not have happened ,” he added, according to videos posted on YouTube by many spectators.

For the major US movie theater chains have all announced last week that they would not project the comedy as a result of threats from hackers, referring to the attacks of 11 September.

A decision that brought the studio Sony pictures entertainement (SPE) to cancel the release of the film on the big screen, scheduled on December 25 in the United States after being delayed once.

President Barack Obama described the retreat of “ Error ” and many parliamentarians had regretted the decision of Sony. Actors and directors had denounced a serious attack on freedom of expression.

On Tuesday, Sony has finally relented and allowed a limited release in independent cinemas. The film was available on Wednesday evening, for a fee, on several internet platforms and a dedicated website (

Many people tell me by buying their ticket who do it for a question of principle ,” said Levin, the Washington Film boss who sold less than an hour all tickets to Saturday inclusive.

This is the case of Jeff Crowley, a researcher of 49 years, which took place in his movies. “ I certainly would not be here but with this controversy I think it is important to come and see this film “.

As President Obama said, if they can do this for a comedy, one may wonder what they would do for a serious documentary ” he will -he said. “ For me, it’s more for the precedent it could set … because we do not want all these movie studios are afraid “.

It was originally a simple comedy starring James Franco and Seth Rogen in television journalists who get an interview with Kim Jong-Un. It was then depending on the scenario that the CIA gets involved and load kill the young leader.

The film has so angered the regime in Pyongyang, which called “ an act of terrorism ” that North Korea has sponsored a massive hacking Sony with blackmail the key. This was affirmed the US federal police, FBI.

This cyber attack revealed on November 24 was claimed by a group of pirates “ Guardians of the Peace ” (GOP), demanding the film studio that cancels release of the film. These hackers were particularly threatened to attack the cinemas that would project the comedy.

The communist regime denies being involved in this piracy in which the personal data of 47,000 employees and employees of Sony Pictures have in particular been stolen, while congratulating the authors.

President Obama assured that Washington would respond after the hacking, described by the FBI as the most serious cyber attack ever conducted in the United States.

The North Korean news agency has again stirred the threat of the nuclear arsenal of the regime and advised Washington to “ think twice to its hostile policy “toward Pyongyang.


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