Monday, December 15, 2014

When “The Hobbit” meets “The Office” – Le Point

He survived a dragon and a battle of five armies, but what happened after Bilbo returned home I need regular. The show Saturday Night Live (SNL), very popular in America, proposed a response this weekend. For the occasion, the talk show was moderated by Martin Freeman, who plays Bilbo, also famous for his roles in Fargo , Sherlock and The Office BBC version (which inspired the hit US series of the same name). Very comfortable in his role as presenter tongue-in-cheek, Freeman was particularly cracked a ridiculous sketch – and therefore hilarious – blending the world of Hobbit than The Office.

“What do I get? We went on a quest, have saved Middle Earth, I’m a little became a hero , did what was noble and refused tons of treasures, “says the actor facing camera, according to the documentary style of the series. “So the brave Bilbo Baggins now working in a paper company, sells paper to the phone.” So begins this episode of The Office:. Middle-Earth

The characters then followed, improbable mix between known figures of Peter Jackson universe and those of the series UK. Where we see Gandalf to get a job interview at a Nazgul and joke about sex Orcs – also employees of the company, while Gollum, which shares a strange resemblance to Dwight Schrute, is martyred by his colleagues and Bilbo flirts with receptionist elven origin. In short, enough to turn Tolkien thousand times in his grave.

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But that really is the last Hobbit



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