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“A Most Violent Year” JD Chandor, new genius of Hollywood – France Soir

In three films, for four years, JC Chandor has established a reputation as the new genius of Hollywood. It is even said that A Most Violent Year , which just came out on the screens could figure prominently in the Oscar race (nominations will be announced Jan. 15).

The film, Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain, the story of an ambitious Mexican immigrant, voluntary self-made-made and full of hope in the American dream, which is developing its small oil transportation business in New York 80 years and refuses to succeed and learn to yield to violence, corruption and illegal methods.

“In a sense, this is a response to Godfather Francis Ford Coppola, the Scarface Brian De Palma’s character Oscar anti- Tony Montana “ says the director in an interview with World . “He plays on a neighboring territory – the expansion of a family latins- thugs, but it undermines the foundations For me it was an opportunity to circumvent the violence of scripts that offered me. and American society itself “.

A 41-year-old Jeffrey McDonald Chandor up for lost time. For 15 years, he made documentaries and commercials before directing his first feature film, Margin Call , released in 2011. The film, starring Kevin Spacey, which tells of a night group of Wall Street traders before the stock market crash, was unanimously appreciated and presented to the Sundance and Berlin, and nominated for an Oscar for best screenplay.

Two years later, it is Deauville and Cannes as his second film impressed: All Is Lost , a film with almost no dialogue and with only one actor, Robert Redford, who struggle to survive aboard his small sailboat, only in the ocean, no way to communicate, after being hit by a ship.

His third film A Most Violent Year, psychological thriller in the vein of Sydney Lumet films with the backdrop of the New York 80s, is very different from the first two. Though. Three give JC Chandor’s vision of his country, of American society and capitalism in general: “Pure capitalism does not work Not regulated, it leads to monopolies, as shown by Rockefeller. whose empire was established in less than twenty years, “ he explains to the World. “Capitalism success is due to its ability to address our reptilian instincts. It was about Margin Call and, metaphorically, of All Is Lost -The history of a guy who is trying to escape from capitalism, but whose salvation depends on the symbol of globalization, a cargo ship full of containers. A Most Violent Year + evokes the dream + US, based on the ambition of the immigrants. the hero fully acceding and doubt creeps “

Capitalism, the world of money, the economic crisis, JC Chandor knows whereof he speaks: his father worked for 30 years at Merrill Lynch, and when he was young, when he lived in London and New York, several friends of his parents and grandparents had created and developed small business on the East Coast of the United States before experiencing the ups and downs, successes and challenges.

“Starting a business from scratch is probably that we do best in this country. From a creative point of view, this is one of the most fascinating aspects of our American identity. But it can also break the wings, “ says JC Chandor, who himself has tasted the joys and difficulties of the system when, shortly before embarking on the project Margin Call , investors have dropped at the last moment. He almost gave up but is nevertheless launched project, supported by the actors. And trembled in the same way in the project All Is Lost , the success was not a foregone conclusion, but again Robert Redford supported him.

Married for 10 years to a childhood friend, Mary Cameron Goodyear, daughter avocado and New York painter with whom he had two children (as the hero of his latest film), JC Chandor will tackle his fourth film, Deepwater Horizon , with Mark Wahlberg in the lead role.

The title is the name of the oil rig BP that exploded and sank in April 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico, causing the southeast US coast one of the worst oil spills in the country. Another aspect of the present society and capitalism which the director is interested, through characters -like those of his previous three films- facing crucial decisions.

(See below the trailer for “A Most Violent Year”):


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