Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Most Violent Year: Jessica Chastain talks about his 2014 – Screenrush

On the occasion of the release of A Most Violent Year, in theaters this Wednesday, the actress Jessica Chastain income Screenrush on a busy year with Interstellar, Miss Julie and Eleanor Rigby (broadcast on Netflix).

On the occasion of the release of A Most Violent Year since Wednesday in theaters, Screenrush met actress Jessica Chastain to evoke rich year three other films . Starring Miss Julie in September to November and Interstellar The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby on Netflix, the actress was very present on our screens, big or small. We took advantage of these films with very different topics to discuss with her the themes that are dear to him, the place of women in Hollywood comedies and complicity with his Most Violent Year Oscar Isaac partner

. Interview by Corentin Palanchini

Mounting: Constance Matthews


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