Saturday, December 20, 2014

Obama assures that the United States “respond” to the cyber-attack … – The Obs

Washington (AFP) – President Barack Obama promised Friday that the United States “respond” to North Korea as the perpetrator of the most serious cyber attack ever conducted in the country, the Sony boss Pictures also defending her in turmoil group.

“We will respond in a proportionate manner and we will respond at a time, at a place and in a manner we choose,” warned the US president during a press conference, excluding any other country acted with Pyongyang.

However, North Korea continues to deny having ordered the cyber attack that the FBI, federal police, clearly assigned .

In reprisal, little choice, however, seem possible for Americans.

“They are considering different options clandestine but through the prism + We do not want to trigger an armed conflict with the North Koreans, “said James Lewis, a former adviser to the White House cyber-security issues.

Obama also felt that Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) had made “a mistake” by canceling the theatrical release of “The interview that kills”, a satirical comedy about a fictional CIA plot to assassinate the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, which triggered the ire of the communist regime.

“We can not have a society in which a dictator somewhere can begin to impose censorship here in the United States,” insisted the US president.

The head of Sony Pictures Michael Lynton has meanwhile vigorously defended his group: “We do not surrender,” he hammered

“The president, the press and. opinion are wrong about what really happened, “he assured, claiming they were forced to give out” interview that kills! ” Christmas as expected because the movie channels had “called one by one” to say she would not be planning the face of threats from hackers.

For his part, the Chinese press, through the Global Times, owned by the People’s Daily, “the organ of the Chinese Communist Party, on Saturday condemned the” absurd cultural arrogance “of the film.

American filmmakers are wrong to mock North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the paper added.

SPE said in a statement it “still hoped” to release the film on “different platforms” as sites streaming or video on demand, DVDs or even on the Youtube video website.

Mr. Lynton, however, argued that this proved difficult when no “video site on demand no commercial site “, had yet agreed to broadcast the film either in digital form or on DVD

He also criticized the lack of support from other studios.” we found ourselves alone, “denounced what the star George Clooney, after launching a petition of support to Sony that has drawn a blank.

Many Hollywood celebrities have instead criticized Sony for folded to hackers who demanded the withdrawal of “The interview that kills” and for having committed a serious violation of freedom of expression.

Sony was late November victim of a computer attack major, claimed by the group of hackers GOP (“Guardians of Peace”), during which countless information was stolen and some online updates.

The studio had then received threats evoking the attacks of Sept. 11 for rooms that would diffuse the comedy directed by Seth Rogen.

Democratic Senator Robert Menendez, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, wrote to Secretary of State John Kerry to demand the inclusion of North Korea on the list of countries supporting terrorism

-. A slate of half a billion for Sony –

Republican Senator John McCain who will preside in January the powerful Committee on the Senate armed forces, spoke of “act of war”.

This “reconfirms that cyber threats are one of most serious threats to the national security of the United States, “the FBI statement Friday.

The president of the American directors union (DGA), Paris Barclay, regretted that the Internet allows today” some cybercriminals to take away, while an industry hostage. “

In addition to the theft of sensitive data SPE and privacy of its employees, piracy has” destroyed “the computer system of the group in “making inoperable thousands of computers,” said the FBI Friday. It could cost half a billion dollars in the studio, according to experts.

Michael Lynton was content to say that the financial impact would be “very important.”

The FBI concluded that the North Korean responsibility after having found such “important” correspondences between the infrastructure of the piracy and those used in other attacks directly attributed to Pyongyang, and the “similarities” in the tools used against SPE and North Koreans attack in March 2013 against the banks and the South Korean media.


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