Monday, December 15, 2014

“Sils Maria” Prix Louis Delluc – Paris Match

“Sils Maria” by Olivier Assayas was awarded Monday the Louis Delluc prize, the “Goncourt of cinema” .dropoff window “Fighters” Thomas Cailley has meanwhile received the Delluc Award for best first film.

This is a price that will definitely right in the heart of Olivier Assayas, former criticism of “Cahiers du Cinema” moved to the other side of the camera with the success that we know. His beautiful “Sils Maria”, in competition at this year’s Cannes Film Festival but left empty-handed, was awarded the Louis Delluc prize, the “Goncourt of cinema”, although its scope to the public is less. “This is one of the most beautiful movie price, so I am very touched,” said Olivier Assayas, told AFP after the announcement of the winners. “I also share it with Juliette Binoche as it is a film actress,” he added. Established in 1937, the Louis Delluc price premium the best French film according to a panel of eminent critics gathered around Gilles Jacob, former president of the Cannes Film Festival. Released in August, “Sils Maria” is a theoretical movie, often brilliant in verbal confrontations between the gr eat actress on the return (Juliette Binoche, perfect as usual), and his young and sexy assistant (Kristen Stewart) who make and remake a famous play about hiking trails. While the film is also a tribute to German Romanticism with some nice ideas of staging – the clip opening, the story of Snake Maloja in black and white, the light plane where Maria Enders faces alone at lake and the mountains.

“Fighters”, Louis-Delluc Prize of the first film

To win this award, Olivier Assayas had to repel a fierce competition including “Saint Laurent “Bertrand Bonello, film chosen to represent France at the Oscars. “Sils Maria” succeeds “Life Adele” Abdellatif Kechiche, appointed last year after his coronation in Cannes. The Minister of Culture, Flower Pellerin, sent Monday night, in a statement, his “warmest congratulations to the director but also Juliette Binoche, the wonderful actress who has allowed this beautiful film to take its full dimension, depth “.

The Louis Delluc price of the first film has meanwhile rewarded” fighters “Thomas Cailley. “The unanimity arrived in less than five minutes, it’s rare for a first film. I have great hope for the future of its director,” said Gilles Jacob. Presented in Cannes, selecting the Fortnight, “Fighters” was also rewarded by the price of the SACD and the International Federation of Film Critics. It was also the favorite of our critical Alain Spira.


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