Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sony Pictures will challenge North Korea leaving “The Interview” – Les Echos

The studio finally authorized release on Christmas Day, in a limited number of rooms. The film could benefit from advertising related to the controversy


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This is a real coup de theater in the truest sense of the word! Sony Pictures will finally come out, as planned, on December 25, the film “The Interview,” which earned him a massive hacking. But in a limited number of theaters.

We do not yet know the exact list Tuesday night, but two cinemas had posted on Twitter their intention to broadcast the film. One in Austin, Texas, a city that has built in recent years a prominent place on the American movie map. The other Atlanta. “We have never abandoned the idea of ​​releasing” The Interview “and we are pleased that our film so in a few theaters on Christmas Day,” was delighted Michael Lynton, CEO Sony Pictures. This is a reversal for Sony, which, at first, had given out this comedy in which two journalists were recruited by the CIA to assassinate the North Korean leader. According to the FBI, the Pyongyang regime, which organized the cyber attack in November, which resulted in the publication of tens of thousands of emails and several unpublished films.

The pirates who attacked the Sony Pictures computer system had threatened retaliation rooms that would broadcast the film. Large retail chains like AMC and Regal had indicated that no longer want. Their lawyers had concluded that in the event of an incident, they would be held responsible.

First cyberwar

Last Friday, at a press conference later this year, Barack Obama criticized for Sony Pictures and surrendered. “What will happen if someone threatens a documentary? An information program? What will happen if the studios censor themselves in the future? It’s not that America, this is not what we are. “ The Republican Party leaders had also deplored the decision of Sony. “America has lost its first cyber-war with the retreat of Sony. This is a precedent, very dangerous, “ had found Newt Gingrich, former Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, on his Twitter account. The Republican Party has officially asked the theater managers to distribute the film.

Michael Lynton was certainly denied having yielded. “We are looking for solutions,” he explained. The film community had discussed the use of the platform online video Crackle Sony to distribute the film. But theatrical release is obviously a symbolic point of view, much stronger. Andrew Wallenstein, editor of “Variety”, had foreseen. “Sony wants to strike while the iron is hot, he explained. The controversy surrounding the film has created a lot of publicity. They want to show it quickly. “” The Interview “, the first critics were not very complimentary, cost around $ 44 million to produce. Sony has already released a controversial film in particular circumstances. “Zero Dark Thirty,” which tells the preparations that led to the killing of Osama bin Laden, was released in 2012 in a limited number of rooms.


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