Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hacking Sony, “serious matter of national security” – The Obs

Washington (AFP) – The White House on Thursday described the massive hacking Sony Pictures “serious matter of national security” without going to explicitly assign to Pyongyang, considered the most likely author of this unprecedented cyber attack.

Refusing to specifically name North Korea’s authoritarian regime, the spokesman of the White House Josh Earnest was content to say that the investigation of the Ministry of Justice and Police “progressing”.

According to a source at Sony, the federal police (FBI) should make a later Thursday and says “it appears” that North Korea had ordered the attack.

Wednesday, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) has decided to cancel the release of “The interview that kills”, a satirical comedy about a fictional CIA plot to assassinate the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un after the hacker group that claimed responsibility for the cyber attack, the GOP, had threatened to attack the cinemas and spectators, raising the specter of September 11, 2001.

The GOP asked the film studio and television since the beginning of the attack on November 24, not to release the film that Pyongyang calls “act of terror” and promised to “merciless retaliation” otherwise.

The communist regime has denied being behind piracy but called it “legitimate act.”

Asked about the response that the White House intended to make in this matter Mr. Earnest said that the National Security Council was considering “a set of options” that should be “appropriate” and “proportionate”.

He argued that the goal of those who led this type of operation was often “to elicit a response from the United States.”

“The interview that kills!” had to go out on Christmas Day in the US and February 11 in France

-. World Cyber ​​War –

The decision of Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) follows the announcement earlier Wednesday by the biggest US cinema chains like Regal and AMC, they do not would disseminate controversial comedy of fear for the safety of spectators.

On Thursday, Sony’s decision was widely criticized in the Republican camp. Senator John McCain has estimated that it created “a troubling precedent that will encourage them to use digital weapons even more aggressive in the future.”

Hollywood hesitated between fury and despair, many denouncing a big step towards self-censorship.

The Fox studio has also canceled his film project on North Korea with actor Steve Carell, who had been one of the first to respond to announcement of the withdrawal of “The interview that kills!” denouncing a “sad day for freedom of expression.”

The White House declined to say whether she approved or not shelved the parody comedy.

Josh Earnest said simply that it was a decision “did not come back to the federal government,” adding that “the United States is on the side of the artists and companies who want to express themselves.”

Asked about those who criticized Sony for being “lying to the terrorists,” as blasted the actor Rob Lowe, who made an appearance in the film distributed by Sony, a source at Sony said that the threats received represented “an act of terror that could not be taken lightly,” and far beyond us. “

” It’s true that it sets a precedent, “but” we are entering a new world, wars, which is played more on the ground but the IT level, “she said.

Sony Pictures has given up for now at any dissemination project to Internationally, DVD or video on demand of the film, which also garnered poor reviews.

The Internet now watched on the internet, hoping for a posting on illegal download sites. The final scene of “The interview that kills”, where Kim Jong-A fictional is murdered, it was available and had already made the rounds of the web.

The former candidate presidential election, Republican Mitt Romney, Sony encouraged “not to abdicate”: “broadcast” The interview that kills! ‘ free worldwide. Ask those who watch him to make a donation of $ 5 to fight against Ebola. “


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