Monday, December 22, 2014

Death of singer Joe Cocker – The World

Born in Sheffield, an industrial city in northern England, Cocker had become known in the 1960s for his gravelly voice and has signed several tubes mixing rock and blues as his resumption of You Can Leave Your Hat On of Randy Newman or With a Little Help From My Friends, his Beatles cover that made him famous as he scoured the pubs of Sheffield, and he interpreted (see video) at the Woodstock festival 1969

. During his career, Joe Cocker recorded 23 studio albums, including “Fire It Up” , his latest, released in 2012. For more than five decades, he signed songs who finished among the best sales, beginning in the 1970s, with “You Are So Beautiful” , written with Billy Preston. This is also the period in which he faces his first problems associated with drug taking and excessive alcohol consumption.

For several years he lived in Colorado where he assembled with his wife Pam, the Cocker Kids’Foundation which helps young people. It was there, surrounded by his family, he lived his last moments

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