Monday, December 29, 2014

Star Wars Bitch: Aaron Paul in the spin-off dedicated to Han Solo29 … – Go Back

déferlente Star Wars which looks likely to be very violent. In addition to the new trilogy, the spin-off are provided, and not just any. First information.

It was known that spin-off of Star Wars was in the pipes, but so far, we thought it was the film about Boba Fett, the bounty hunter that we never quite knew why he was so popular. It seems qu’Han Solo has outdone himself because if one believes the site Making Star Wars , the rebel would be the first to open the show.

Indeed, although there is still no official confirmation, the spin-off would be devoted to solo more advanced than expected. The film directed by Gareth Edwards finally emerge between the Episode 7 and Episode 8 and count in his casting Aaron Paul, Jesse Pinkman Breaking Bad .

It also announced that the film would greatly enhance the plot of the parent series building bridges between different movies while focusing on the couple Han Solo – Chewbacca. The shooting is expected next year, the Pinewood Studio, as soon as the next James Bond Spectrum, has been packed and early estimates suggest that the film could be out in 2016.

That said, at present, it is unclear what role could interpret Aaron Paul. We think Han Solo of course, but nothing is less certain as Disney has not confirmed the rumor.

But what is certain is that Star Wars will now play in the same league as the Marvel and other DC with expanded universe and parallel stories. This is not necessarily good news.


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