Friday, December 26, 2014

Interview kills a hit on the Internet for legal download … and … – Screenrush

After many twists and turns, Interview killer is finally visible in theaters in the United States, and on the Internet where the film was released almost simultaneously. Comedy hit on legal download platforms … and illegal.

After many adventures, the American public has finally discovered the film that has done so much talk in recent weeks, the interview that kills! Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Despite threats, Sony has decided to leave the comedy in theaters US and parallel Internet VOD (for the US territory only), Google Play, YouTube Movies, Xbox, and on the official website of the film:

The controversy that surrounded the film has obviously generated strong enthusiasm for Interview killing. The theatrical release has generated over a million dollars in its first day of operation. And s elon Variety , comedy led by James Franco and Seth Rogen ranks first of the films seen on platforms that have the film for sale and for rent. The professional magazine says that the film has become the best-selling time on Google Play and YouTube in particular.

But as also highlights Variety , the film is a success on download platforms … Illegal: The Interview that kills! was illegally downloaded over 900 000 times!

The trailer of The Interview that kills!

The Interview that kills! Trailer


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