Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sony: the film on Kim Jong-Un circulated on the Internet –

The comedy “The interview that kills!” on a fictitious plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, and in the center of an international imbroglio is visible from Wednesday on several internet platforms, including YouTube.

The film is available on Google Play, YouTube Movies, Microsoft Xbox Video and on the website specifically created at a price of 5.99 dollars to 14.99 dollars rent and for sale, Sony announced Wednesday “which has always had the intend to broadcast the film on a national platform, “argued its CEO Michael Lynton.

” We have contacted Google, Microsoft and other partners Wednesday, December 17 when we realized that our projects Initial were not feasible. We are pleased to offer the film in the country, “the statement said.

The film should also come out as expected Thursday in the room, but only at least 200 cinemas the United States, against the 2,500 originally planned, despite the threats from hackers.

The film features James Franco and Seth Rogen in television journalists who manage to get an interview with Kim Jong -A. It was then that the CIA gets involved and load kill the young leader.

The comedy gives the gritty and ultimately, looks like a cross between a James Bond film ” Hangover. ”

“I have to say that comedy is best seen in a theater full of people. Also, if you can, look at it like that. Or call friends to do with you” , reacted on Twitter Seth Rogen, director of the film.

James Franco, the other star, posted on Instagram a picture of him dancing alongside her friend, with the words “Merry Christmas America + L ‘ Interview + is alive, watch it there – with a link to the website of the film – thank you Sony mission to make information “

Google said he was in her.” World accessible “.

According to a spokesman for the White House, Eric Schultz, Barack Obama welcomed the new enabling” people to decide for themselves if they want to see the movie “

-. Nuclear Threat –

Sony Pictures had flip-flopped on Tuesday authorizing the limited release of the film, in the center of a diplomatic and technological maelstrom after cyber attack suffered by the group.

The company had initially dismayed time Hollywood by announcing last week to give up the release of the film, after the main movie channels had refused to project the fear of threats.

Actors and directors had denounced a serious attack on freedom of expression. On Monday, a group representing a total of 250 independent cinemas launched a petition asking Sony to allow them to project.

Political Side of many parliamentarians had also protested against the decision and Barack Obama deplored “a mistake” from Sony Pictures.

This comedy was described as “terrorist act” by Pyongyang which, according to US officials, sponsored the giant computer attack against Sony Pictures.

The communist regime denies being involved in piracy in which the personal data of 47,000 employees and Sony Pictures collaborators were stolen, but praised the authors.

The attack was described by the FBI more serious cyber attack ever launched against the United States. The incident revealed on November 24 was claimed by a group of pirates “Guardians of the peace” (GOP), demanding the film studio that cancels the release of “The interview that kills”.

The GOP was particularly threatened to take to movie theaters that would show comedy, raising the specter of the attacks of September 11, 2001.

This computer attack was also reflected by the diffusion in embarrassing emails online for Sony executives.

North Korea was briefly deprived of internet Tuesday after a first general cut nine hours that could have been orchestrated in retaliation piracy.

President Obama assured that Washington would respond after the hacking. On Tuesday, the State Department declined to confirm whether or not Washington was involved in the network outage in North Korea.

Tuesday, the North Korean news agency has again stirred threat of the nuclear arsenal of the regime and advised Washington to “think twice about its hostile policy” toward Pyongyang.

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