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JC Chandor, “My film is a response to” Scarface “De Palma” – The World

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JC Chandor on the set of & quot; A Most Violent Year & quot;

With his third feature film, A Most Violent Year , the New Yorker JC Chandor continues a fascinating reflection on the paradoxes of capitalism began with Margin Call (2011) and All Is Lost (2013).

Before shooting, you explain that “A Most Violent Year” was part midway of your two previous films. Do you maintain that judgment

From the point of view of the realization – and not the story -, absolutely. I learned a lot at the technical level, my first two films, and it shows here. However, the three stories are dissimilar: Margin Call was a collective and claustrophobic film; All Is Lost a single outdoor adventure with claustrophobic elements; A Most Violent Year is focused on action, movement.

The film opens with a scene jogging with by soundtrack “Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)” by Marvin Gaye (1971). What this sequence she gives the film its rate

From the opening plane at the end of the level, I try to touch with real life – slower, in fact, that in most films. Marvin Gaye’s song characterizes the character played by Oscar Isaac. First, because Oscar listened many pieces of Marvin Gaye before shooting. On the other hand, because Mercy Mercy Me rather accurately summarizes the state of America after the Vietnam War, in my opinion. While writing, I often asked myself: how did we come to this degree …


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