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“A Most Violent Year”: the American dream to the test of New York … – France Soir

It was in 1981, “most violent year” , the most violent year that New York has ever known on crime. Abel Morales (Oscar Isaac), an ambitious immigrant who believes in the American dream and the virtues of effort and work, has managed to develop his small business delivery of fuel he bought the father of his wife, Anna (Jessica Chastain).

But his tankers are regularly attacked and their contents stolen by unknown persons. Its drivers are victims of violence. He, his wife and their two daughters are being bullied. In this industry, in this city that year, it is the law of the jungle, crime, corruption, mafia.

Abel Morales suspect its competitors trying to ruin it. Police opened an investigation on him and his business. The day of the anniversary of one of his daughters, police officers out searches his house

. “Have a little pride: stop this” , he said to his competitors, during a meeting. Faced with all these attacks, he wants to remain intact, however, get rich honestly, refuses to use the methods of his opponents. But can it hold, go to the end, keeping this policy? …

“With the character of Abel Morales, I wanted to m ‘ interest in the rugged individualism and the need for financial autonomy “, says the director JC Chandor, including A Most Violent Year is the third film, very different from the first two: Margin Call (2011), which told the night a group of Wall Street traders before the financial crash of the subprime and All Is Lost (2013), a film without dialogue and with a single actor, Robert Redford, struggling to survive aboard his small boat lost in the ocean.

“I strongly believe that to be successful in the US, there are things we can do and some do not. A Most Violent Year explores the limits of social mobility, while Abel climbed the ladder leading to the success “, he said.

Influenced by the films of Sidney Lumet who often like the New York scene of the 80s, the director was able to recreate the atmosphere of that time, in a film staging is masterful, brilliant but not flashy at times slow, not always the decisive twists, climate and the dark atmosphere with decorations worked: ruins, abandoned warehouses, vacant lots, railways, tunnels, prefabricated buildings …

There suspense -with a great chase of several minutes between the car and Abel Morales tanker that comes from him voler-, but it is not just an action film is a portrait of a self-made man who struggles to stay on track, alongside his wife that is traveling less prejudices.

“Abel reminds me of a pacifist at a time when New York was like the Wild West” , said about his character Oscar Isaac, noticed last year Inside Llewyn Davis , the Coen brothers. “For me it is a man of honor who has a few gray areas, (…) a guy who dreams of belonging to a capitalist society that aspires to lead the good life and resisting his impulse to resort to violence to get faster to make a fortune “.

At his side, Jessica Chastain (Oscar-nominated last year for Zero Dark Thirty ) has an interesting role: Ugly girl with sexy necklines, she handles the accounts of her husband’s business, it helps in every way-not always lawful, unlike him. A scene sums up his character, when she and her face a deer one evening with their car in the forest. It only tells you

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