Eric Zemmour, writer, essayist, polemicist and journalist on tour to promote her book & quot; The Suicide French & quot;
Eric Zemmour, writer, essayist, polemicist and journalist on tour to promote his book” Suicide French “- LANCELOT FREDERIC / SIPA


We no longer see Eric Zemmour on iTELE. Never. We no longer see either “It is played.” The news channel has decided to separate from her polemicist and end in passing the issue in which he officiated for many years. The words of the journalist on Muslims in the Italian newspaper “Corriere della Sera” have been the provocation too.

At the announcement of the dismissal Zemmour Society of Journalists (SDJ) of the chain is “welcomed” of this “powerful statement” that she “expected” . On social networks, reactions were also numerous. Journalists, politicians and anonymous held to share their views on Twitter.

1. Former colleague. Nicolas Domenach, who shared the star of the show “It competes” with Eric Zemmour, responded within minutes after the ouster of his colleague. If we knew their clear differences on the air, the tweet journalist Marianne magazine is lukewarm. We feel that a Domenach not clear which way to turn.

2. The president of the National Front. Marine Le Pen, whose companion thought that “Zemmour had to vote Navy,” quickly denounced the ouster of the columnist. The boss of the National Front evoking a “censorship” and punctuating his tweet with a hashtag evocative #canalmoins

3. The anti-racist association. SOS Racisme relayed a statement of the association and welcomed the decision to iTELE on his Twitter account.

4 fierce opponent . Edwy Plenel, head of Mediapart, has never hidden his rejection of the ideas of Eric Zemmour. On the social network seems to be satisfied with the decision of the information chain. While regretting that it intervenes too late for his taste.

5. The funny Hashtag. As usual, Twitter was quick to make Lol. And this time it’s Eric Zemmour was the sin offering of twittos. The hashtag # 1EmissionPourZemmour offers professionally reclassify former columnist iTELE