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5 things to know about an hour tranquility! – Screenrush

On the occasion of the release of the comedy “A quiet hour” performed by Patrice Leconte and led by Christian Clavier, Focus on the anecdotes of the movie!

Luchini given way to keyboard

An hour of quiet is a film adaptation of an eponymous theater, led by Fabrice Luchini, directed by Florian Zeller at the Théâtre Antoine, which was a great success in France. Cinema, Christian Clavier reprises his role, that of Michel, who has just bought a new jazz record, he wants to listen in peace, it can not because it is constantly disturbed.


Christian Clavier finds Patrice Leconte, 36 years after their first collaboration Fried Vacation (1978) and 9 years after their last collaboration on the third part of this lucrative trilogy Bronzed 3 friends for life (2005).

Stéphane De Groodt, Christian Clavier

A remodeled adaptation

The film and play an hour of peace are not exactly identical. In theater, the share was at a salon while this time it is an apartment, so as to have more opportunities plans. In addition, if the frame remains the same, it is the character of the son of Christian Clavier, played by Sebastian Castro, who has been changed. The protagonist is passed from one musician to a far-left activist, totally lost. It is not the only one, since the Portuguese worker and housekeeper have also undergone changes.

A pure invention

The album that the character played by Christian Clavier wishes as be able to listen invented. This is the song “Me, Myself and I” Neil Youart, which obviously echoes this selfish character who makes fun of the problems that can surround it, just because he wants to get a quiet hour.

Christian Clavier, Rossy de Palma

With friends

The idea of ​​writing the piece theater A quiet hour appeared to Florian Zeller while vacationing with friends when he wrote the day of small comic scenes which he then read at the table, just to make people laugh around him. After putting this piece aside, it’s a year later that he decided to make out the read Fabrice Luchini.

all secrets of filming” A peaceful time “


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