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The film “50 Shades of Grey” screened at the Berlin Film Festival … – Stars News







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Notice to fans! The film “50 Shades of Grey” will be presented Feb. 11 at the upcoming 65th International Berlin Film Festival to be held from 5 to 15 February. A gala presentation coinciding with the French film’s release.

For those who arrive just remember that “50 Shades of Grey” tells the amorous adventures and SM of a young student in literature and a mysterious billionaire.

And it all starts when Anastasia Steele, a young student in literature, interviews the young wealthy business leader Christian Grey. If it is very seductive but deeply intimidating. Convinced that their meeting was a disaster, she tries to forget – until he arrives in the store where she works and invited him to a meeting one-on-one

<. p> Naïve and innocent, Ana did not recognize in his desire for this man. When he warns to stay away, it only fuels his trouble.

But Grey is tormented by demons and consumed by the need to control everything. When they begin a passionate affair, Ana discovers his own desires and the dark secrets that Grey wants to hide from prying eyes …

 © Universal Pictures International

© Universal Pictures International

Inspirational erotic saga EL James “50 Shades of Grey”, the film directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson portrays Jamie Dornan in the role of Christian Grey, Dakota Johnson in that of Anastasia Steele but Jennifer Ehle, Luke Grimes Eloise Mumford or even Rita Ora

. The trailers have not convinced

The film will he find his audience? Not sure .. If both trailers have made a real card on the web – in number of views – they have not been spared criticism especially from those who loved the literary trilogy of erotic EL James .

Starting with the first released in the summer. Soon she counters crazy from the famous YouTube video platform even becoming one of the most viewed videos of the moment with tens of millions of views to his credit.

Yes, but this trailer has also quite upset the American organization “Washington Morality in Media.” Crying foul, she had accused of promoting the culture of rape! Nothing much …

In a statement sent to US media organization that says “defend the Judeo-Christian standards” was not gone no punches in proclaiming loudly that this trailer was “dedicated to promoting sexual torture and normalize domestic violence, particularly against women.”

History to put an extra layer of “Washington Morality in Media” had added that its content purely and encouraged simply “the culture of rape already pervasive in our society.”

“Sadism and masochism are not normal sexual practices as we try to make us believe in the film but mental illnesses should be treated with psychiatric help “had then proclaimed its leaders.

This trailer was also angered an association of American parents who had at the time criticized NBC not only of have to have it broadcast on the air but also to promote pornography.

Not better for the second trailer unveiled in early November. A little more sexy, she did not really rise membership of Internet users, with many people being disappointed too few scenes where the two main actors appear naked (or almost) and / or in more than suggestive positions.

At the same time we can not say they were not aware … not .N’oublions Jamie Dornan in person – he who portrays the role of Christian Grey – warned that we should not expect to see too. So put the imagination and suggestion.

In early November, in a long interview with the Guardian, he insisted that no viewer would see her privacy so implying that the film would certainly be more chaste than could have been imagined.

“We must attract the widest audience possible, without disgust. It should not be something free, ugly and explicit “had he declared

. And soon the musical

The hot adventures of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele will also be eligible for a musical … but in a very different version.

It is indeed through a parody Quebec (re) discover the story of the passionate romance, and sex between a rich young man lover of women and a virgin 22 year old student

“50 Shades – The Musical.” is laugh plenty of characters in the book and the story it tells, through a book club frequented by three women who discover suburban erotic novel “announced those who are behind this project.

This musical will be played next summer in Montreal and Quebec before beginning a tour across the country.



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