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“A most violent year” JC Chandor: when the war of oil … – FranceTV info

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4/5 ★★★★ ☆

American Thriller JC Chandor – With Oscar Isaac, Jessica Chastain, David Oyelowo, Albert Brooks and Elyes Gabel – Duration: 2:05 – Released: December 2014


Synopsis: New York – 1981. The most violent year ever known the city. The fate of an immigrant trying to get a place in the business of oil. His ambition is facing corruption, rampant violence and depravity of the times that threaten to destroy everything he and his family built.

After the excellent “Margin Call” and “All it lost “, JC Chandor continues 39 years her faultless, signing here a wonderful film and tense in the unique light wintry New York.

” Hey, Mr. I’m-the-dream -américain ” launches Anna Morales (Jessica Chastain) to her husband Abel (Oscar Isaac). Everything is there, almost. Married to “the daughter of a small-time gangster from Brooklyn,” Abel has developed a small business that hitherto has not experienced the crisis without succumbing to the temptation of quasi-mafia practices of the community. Its business is the fuel. And day after day he wins market share gradually becoming the competitor to shoot, harassed on all sides.

Like some football matches, “A violent MOST year “is played on a false rhythm. The film is deliberately slow, but it’s burning of exceptional intensity. If it is in the family of gangster movies, we finally see very little. Here, it is not for drugs, alcohol, tobacco or luxury goods that one scarf, but for the oil market in the residential areas of the New York suburbs. The product is not as sexy, but the stakes equally colossal. And all the usual suspects are there: large families, henchmen, the powerful Teamsters union and a tenacious prosecutor

Jessica Chastain was expected and is waiting for you, perfect as always. . But it is Oscar Isaac, who fills the screen. Second choice JC Chandor who initially targeted Javier Bardem, he carries the film with an almost intriguing sobriety. Still standing in the middle of a universe that collapses breasted suit and camel coat, it is an anti-hero surprising, given its dual will to succeed no matter what happens and stay “clean”.

Backed by a discreet and throbbing soundtrack, “A most violent year” manages to surprise in a genre so much visited. The image of a high quality, directing actors and impeccable script … There’s nothing wrong. A success.


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