Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The comedy about Kim Jong-Un for rent on the internet for 19 hours – The Point

Sony studios announced Wednesday that their comedy “The interview that kills!” on a fictitious plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jung-Un, was available for rent or sale on several internet platforms, including YouTube, for 19 hours. The film is available on Google Play, YouTube Movies, Microsoft Xbox Video and on the website specifically created at a price of 5.99 dollars to rent, $ 14.99 on sale, Sony said in a statement . “Sony has always intended to broadcast the film on a national platform,” argues the CEO of Sony Michael Lynton.

The film is also out Thursday as scheduled in room, but only over two hundred cinemas in the United States, against the 2,500 originally planned, despite the threats from hackers.

“Glad our film so”

“We have never abandoned the idea of ​​distributing” The interview that kills “and we are pleased that our film so (…) on Christmas Day”, said a few days ago Mr. Lynton. Sony Pictures had flip-flopped on Tuesday authorizing the limited release of the film, in the center of a diplomatic and technological maelstrom after a cyber attack suffered by the group.

The company had initially dismayed time Hollywood by announcing last week to give up the release of the film, after the main movie channels had refused to broadcast comedy. Actors and directors had denounced a serious attack on freedom of expression and a victory for terrorism.

The film, an “act of terrorism” to Pyongyang

Side policy of many parliamentarians, including Republican John McCain, had also protested against this decision and US President Barack Obama lamented “a mistake” from Sony Pictures. This comedy was described as “terrorist act” by Pyongyang which, according to US officials, sponsored the giant computer attack that Sony Pictures was the victim there a month. The communist regime denies being involved in piracy in which the personal data of 47,000 employees and Sony Pictures collaborators were stolen but had rented the authors



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