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The Confluence midwater – The World

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The site of the Confluence Museum, still under construction in Lyon on 29 October.

If indignant or excited? The Confluence Museum, Lyons, opens to the public on December 20 and one hesitates between these two feelings. It will take many years in France before seeing such a huge project. But this ship to the Star Wars that seems to float on the water, also holds a sad record: fourteen years to see the day, a cost multiplied by four or even five. And it’s not over. In early December, 350 workers were busy Vinci still in “Crystal”, the monumental glass hall or up there in the “cloud” and its showrooms, with ambitions to tell ‘s adventure of living “. The digital hub, hosting for school, the cultural program, the garden, this is postponed for several months, even at the end of 2015. And, if there is indeed a tram in front of the door, n ‘There has not really parking nearby.

The objects to admire them, arrived on time in September. Prehistoric skeletons, butterflies, microscopes, meteorites, Indian headdresses, Noh masks, sarcophagi, bark paintings … but they landed in the dirt of a project that had yet another delay. “It is not ideal for these fragile works,” says museum director, Hélène Lafont-Couturier. It is even “shameful” adds a specialist museums. Would not it have been better to delay the inauguration of a month or two? “Oh no, open! “ responds M me Lafont-Couturier. It is true that over the Lyon Confluence Museum is the subject of his …


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