Saturday, December 20, 2014

The I-TV decision to stop the issuance of a stir Zemmour – The Obs

Marine Le Pen, the UMP Eric Ciotti and Chritine Boutin, founder of the Christian Democratic Party, each have protested against the judgment on Twitter, announced Friday, December 19 by iTELE, issue of Eric Zemmour “it is argument. “

The continuous news channel ended Friday at the show” It competes “in which Eric Zemmour intervened for ten years after the controversy caused by his comments on the Islam who had outraged the editor.

“The #Zemmour of censureitele is detestable!” tweeted the president of the National Front, while Louis Alliot, vice president of the party, announced on the social network had canceled his participation in the morning of January 7 iTELE. Then add with a new photo:

After the ouster of Zemmour, I scratched iTV get at this stage of my sources of information. I invite the Democrats to do the same!

“The eviction of Eric Zemmour iTV is not good news for democracy policedelapensée #”, for his part, tried MP . UMP Maritime Alps Eric Ciotti

Meanwhile, Christine Boutin sent several tweets in support polemicist while warning against “recovery” by the FN “iTV ended his collaboration with Eric Zemmour all becomes worrying! “,” especially that it keeps its political independence! #FN The dance of the belly is indecent. “

The journalist, Nicolas Domenach that has long struggled with him also defended him:

Eric Zemmour has also received support from the editor of “Figaro Magazine”:


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