Sunday, December 28, 2014

Eminem made his coming out (VIDEO) – Stars News







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Eminem, well known for his comments against homosexuals, made his coming out in a video that went around the world in recent days. But no, he’s not coming out of a real rapper but an extract from the film “The Interview,” which hit theaters fault, was put online streaming.

In this comedy that put North Korea in rage, Eminem plays himself and reveals that he is gay

 YouTube Capture

YouTube Capture

“I’m gay, I like men “Eminem says in a fake interview with James Franco in the film.

” When I say things about gays and people think my lyrics are homophobic, in reality c It’s because I’m gay “

A scene that was of course scripted but made a big buzz on the web and social networks in particular.

Note that” The Interview that kills! “(The Interview) finally came out in some American movies, despite the announcement by Sony of the cancellation of its release, under the threat of cyber-terrorists who have hijacked it.

” Soon the world whole will see how Sony Pictures Entertainment made a bad film. The world will be full of dread. Remember September 11, 2001 “hackers wrote.

In this film, two reporters (Seth Rogen and James Franco) are on a secret mission for the CIA and start murdering the current Korean leader North, Kim Jong-un.



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