Saturday, December 27, 2014

“Interview killer!” Sony harvest a million dollars at Christmas – FranceTV info

“Despite a limited number of rooms – less than 10% than expected – we made over a million dollars on the first day”, welcomed Rory Bruer, president of worldwide distribution for Sony Pictures

. Screened in 300 rooms
Some 300 theaters in the United States had finally agreed to project this parody comedy as scheduled on December 25 after giving up initially. Major US theater chains had indeed announced last week that they would not show the film in the wake of threats from hackers who claimed hacking of Sony studios.

Accessible from Wednesday on the web
Tuesday, Sony had finally relented and authorized a limited release in independent cinemas. The film was available on Wednesday evening, for a fee, on several internet platforms and a dedicated website.

“Given the incredibly difficult circumstances, we are extremely grateful to the people who, throughout the country, lived experience ‘Interview killer!’ the day of the first unconventional “again said Rory Bruer who praised the” fantastic response from the public. “

” This is a good figure, “argued his side Jeff Bock, the office tracker Exhibitor Relations, adding that the theaters that had screened the film were small rooms.

According to him, the number of online viewings to be “the most interesting” . Online services for PlayStation game consoles and Xbox (Microsoft), who decided to broadcast “The Interview kills” were victims since Thursday of a cyber attack making its services largely inaccessible in the world.

Threats and insults Pyongyang
North Korea Saturday called the US president of “monkey” and threatened the United States to “fatal blows” for encouraging broadcasting, film and the internet, a comedy parodying the North Korean leader. Pyongyang also accused the United States of having deprived North Korea of ​​internet earlier this week, denouncing the “gangster methods.”

Barack “Obama is always imprudent words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest, “said the National Commission for North Korean defense (NDC), accusing the US president of inciting theaters to put the film in theaters on Christmas Day.

“If the United States continues to be arrogant, despotic and using gangster methods despite repeated warnings (North Korea), they should keep in mind that their political actions failed result inevitably fatal blows, “said a spokesman.


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