Wednesday, December 31, 2014

In the name of father and son – Les Echos

Cold in July

(A film by Jim Mickle, Michael C. Hall, Sam Shepard, Don Johnson 1 hr. 49).

Cardiac abstain. The first plans of “Cold in July” take by the throat without warning. A man hears a noise, a summer night in the ground floor. A little panicked, it retrieves the old gun of the last war bequeathed by his father and hid between the sheets of a closet. At the bottom, he trembled so much that the gun goes off alone. A young man dies. His name is Freddy. Richard Dane (Michael C. Hall), a murderer despite himself, call the police. His troubles are just beginning.


The boy stuck in petty crime. Certainly, Dane was the trigger a little easier, but the local police on the innocent immediately. It even becomes a local hero. A symbol of self-defense. However, he questioned the rapid amnesty and a little suspicious he received. So much so that he begins to investigate himself on his young victim. The cops made him quickly realize he’d better quit.

Things are further complicated when Ben Russell (Sam Shepard), the father of the young man killed, occurs. Convicts recently escaped from prison, he began to prowl around the house Dane. He threatened in retaliation for the death of Freddy, remove or kill his infant son. The cops are so quick to respond to nab Ben that the suspicions of Richard Dane as to the real intentions police are further strengthened. Against all odds, Richard Dane and Ben Russell finally admit they are fighting for the same cause: the truth. Against the cops. They covenant and join forces. They call to rescue a well-lit lawyer who runs a 1970 Cadillac registered “Red Bitch” and sports a look unlikely Nashville (Don Johnson, Sonny Crockett in “Miami Vice”).


“Cold in July” is taken from a novel by Joe R. Lansdale, a good guy which was helmed gold digger before converting in the literature – 20 detective novels and horror to the counter. Joe R. teaches a martial art of his invention, Shen Chuan (?), He proclaimed himself “Grand Master”. You can see his “demos” on the Internet.

The director Jim Mickle, was already quite shaken his world with modern Gothic rather scary movie “We Are What We Are”. This time he dynamite a Texan thriller tortured cooked cowboy sauce & amp; Tabasco. The Oedipal final two guns delight Quentin Tarantino.

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